How GiGlue is helping budding musicians like Abhinav & Akash

Abhinav & Akash students of NIET College, Greater Noida their band name is Slides. They both have a big dream to become a great band while they both sing really well & play awesome guitar. GiGlue provided them a platform to share their talent. Slides Band performed at a prestigious venue & the crowd was mesmerised by their musical notes.

Karma A.K.A. Akash & Abhinav at Gig in Delhi

Music has always been the true soulmate for both of them. From the beginning they were into it. Although they came from different places but their music preferences were same. Akash Yadav and Abhinav Jha initiated their respective music careers by performing in school events, college events, & cafés. They both are the student of NIET College and are very active in every college music event. After jamming a few sessions they started covering songs, and the mutual music interest brought them together to form a band.

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They believe that each n every person has a goal in their life.

“Our Mount Everest is Music. Music is something that everyone appreciates having respective perceptions, say, & tastes. Music is magic and since, we believe in magic, we’re always ready to spread this love and magic till our last breath.” — Akash

As the name of their band suggests, they Slide through different genres of music including Hindi rock, Western rock, Western pop, Hindi classical, Alternative rock etc.

“Our goal is just to slide through each & every possible variation in music and make ourselves capable of making Slides through top band of the country which will plant the roots of band culture in our country and inspire our youth to believe in themselves, believe in their music and to believe in magic. “— Abhinav

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