Jobs where an musician can apply:

Musicians are not just limited to themselves or to just one certain profession anymore. There are always many surprising opportunities waiting for people with excellent musical abilities. People who want to start career as a music have more opportunities than ever to excel in the industry.

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1.Artist Coordinator: Having a good knowledge about music and having a music background helps you to scout new talent, and then working with them to produce new music composition.

2. Song Writer: Melodies and lyrics don’t write themselves. Music becomes not only a part of your life, but also a need. Making your own lyrics, adding rhythm to it and you become a writer and compositor of own your songs.

3. DJ For Clubs: At nightclubs and bars, you not only control the music, you’re part of it! Having a deep knowledge of dance-able tunes, you make people groove and enjoy.

4. Music Festival and Concert Organizer: An incredible amount of unseen effort comes into arranging music events. Booking the Artist, Ordering sound equipment,Renting a venue, Marketing the performers and selling tickets, Providing security, Vending merchandise. You could be part these processes.

5. Music Therapist: Your soothing melodies can make your patients relax and free from worries in physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual ways. Your clients will improve their physical and mental health through your tunes.

6. Entrepreneur: With ambition, idea, strategy, financial backing and enough contacts, you could start your own label. As with any start-up, hours are long and risk of failure high but with a new concept and clear objective, you can touch the sky.

7. Music Educator: You can start your career as a music teacher in elementary, junior high, or high school students in performance and music theory, also lead various performance ensembles at the school, such as the marching band, choir, or orchestra.

8. Band Director: Choosing career as band director gives you opportunity to manage musical groups during musical performances or recording sessions. These expertise select musical arrangements and practice arrangements.

9. Music Journalist : The music industry generates media coverage. Consider TV shows like Entertainment Tonight, and magazines and need who gather the latest news, do in-depth stories on recording artists, editorialize on musical trends and social media marketing.

10. Radio & Television: There are a number of career opportunities for musicians in the entertainment industry depending upon your personal interests and talents. You can start own television show and pursue your career in a good direction.

Written By: Nainsi Singh