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PC — The Smoke Factory

Two acoustic guitars, crazy ideas, and a passion for music unite us. Starting off in the same school as band members of the school band, we both developed an amazing sync that was difficult to find in our other endeavours. After a bit of struggle and inactivity, we both decided to start an acoustic duo with the sole aim of providing deconstructed music, yet not compromise on the quality. This was back in 2013, and it’s been a mix of gigs in Delhi, Mumbai and even in St. Petersburg, Russia and now we have settled in to make our own original compositions along with covering famous Hindi and English songs with our own unique twist!

About the venue

If you’re the kind of person who likes finding fresh lavender in your cocktail, The Smoke Factory is where you should go.

It’s located at the periphery of the Gardens Galleria,but curtained off from the Great India Place. Even though the décor is elegant, the vibe here is still relaxed with a terrace to boast.

The Smoke factory is dimly lit with an almost golden aura. In the early part of the evening, you can sit wherever you want — on the terrace or at high-top tables — but as the evening wears on much of the place is packed.

What’s best about The Smoke Factory is it’s a place to enjoy some high-quality imbibing. If you’re a beer drinker, take heed because your options will be limited to the bottled variety. But if you’re a handcrafted drinks enthusiast, well, you’ll feel like an explorer who’s just stumbled upon a treasure — a wonderful menu of specialty cocktails.

It’s fun to watch the mixologist at The Smoke factory prepare these drinks, which usually end up being as visually appealing as they are flavourful. Expect to see lots of patrons snapping pictures of them with their phones.

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