How to Lay-Off a Good Employee: a 4-step process | COVID19

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Employing someone begins a relationship with them. Like any relationship in this world, there are rules and best practices on how to start, build or potentially transition it to something else. The universal belief is that nobody ventures into this, or any meaningful relationship hoping to end it on terms that leave little to be desired.

If this is in fact the case, then it is worth examining why we are constantly coming across stories of companies laying off their employees, sending them out on their backs with a bitter taste. Is it because employers become insensitive transactionists along the way and decide to punish their hardworking employees for economic situations understandably beyond their control? What lessons can be learnt from companies who lay off people who can still speak highly of them?

This article takes the view that most employers are in fact just well-intentioned people who get sleepless nights whenever the economy or so-called acts of God force their hand to let go of some of their own. Reasons being entirely unrelated to poor performance. Reasons like the COVID19 pandemic which has crippled economic heavyweights, and seemingly untouchable industries globally.

So what can employers do better as they manage the inevitable, firing good hardworking employees?

1. Mindset shift from terminating a contract to transitioning a relationship

2. Tap into your non-financial resources to give them a softer landing

3. Respect them enough to personally give them a heads-up. Even a few days

4. Share with their colleagues why and how you fired them.

In conclusion…

So the next time as a decision maker, you inform someone that you are cutting their check, be mindful that their lives are about to be shaken more than you will ever comprehend. The least you can do is to show them out of your door on the right footing, appreciative of the many hours they spent building your empire.

Article was originally published on LinkedIn and the official Gigr Talent Verification Platform.

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