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Dejhare Officially Releases New Album “Unbreakable”

With hypnotically sirene vocals and complex songwriting, Dejhare has continued to captivate fans with her music. Now she ends the summer with the official release her first full-length album Unbreakable.

Recorded at the Soundtek Studios in Campbell, CA, Dejhare not only wrote all songs but also produced the record, with co-writing and co-production support from Robert Berry. Together they brought her vision to life — a refreshing new groove to the pop landscape.

With influences ranging from soft rock to world beat, Dejhare’s music is inventive and vocal-focused. “My songs are deeply expressive of personal experiences, dreams, and feelings, and the universality of these emotions. In this album, my approach was to be as open and unrestricted as possible to best enrich my emotions with music,” says Dejhare. She imagines her fans “….will feel as close and connected to my songs as I feel when I sing them.”

Not only did Dejhare stay true to her artistry, but she also stayed open to expression. Unbreakable encapsulates just a hint of what she has to offer, as it borrows the quintessential sounds of some of the most influential genres.

To stay visually stimulating, Dejhare also surprised her fans with the music video for the title track — “Unbreakable”.

Be sure to check out Dejhare’s latest album release Unbreakable and follow her on social media for all new music updates!

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