GHOSTE premieres new video for ethereal electro-pop single “Brick by Brick”

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2 min readMay 12, 2020


During these current uncertain times, music can provide comfort and inspiration. The new song by NYC artist Jenny Bruce aka GHOSTE, “Brick by Brick”, reminds us that better days are ahead and not to let fears and anxiety stand in our way. Today, we are pleased to premiere the new music video for the single, “Brick by Brick”, from the artist’s new album, GHOSTE, set to release on (fittingly) Halloween.

The video shows the artist herself demonstrating her own fortitude during the pandemic. Filmed on an iPhone with her family during the crisis and edited by her teenage son, the “Brick by Brick” video combines the classic French fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” with the “Three Little Pigs” fable. Both story and music video share similar ideology — protagonist characters defend and persevere against the big bad wolf. The wolf represents our fears trying to overwhelm and discourage us from moving forward.

GHOSTE says about the video, “Like most people, I’ve been through a lot in my lifetime. Nothing like this, what we’re living in NYC right now. I keep reminding myself and my friends that we are strong. Together. Big bad wolf can keep blowing. One day, he’ll run out of breath, and we’ll still be standing. I know I will be. Brick heart and all.”

Given the current circumstances, we applaud the veteran artist’s creativity and resourcefulness displayed in her new video. The video is a wonderful mashup of old time movies, classic fairy tales and modern-day iPhone videos. The visuals provide a dark yet entertaining backdrop to this upbeat, solidly produced electro-pop track.

“Brick by Brick” was produced by Matt Anthony, who has worked with Pat Monahan of Train, Darius Rucker, Shinedown, among other major artists. “Brick by Brick” is the first single off GHOSTE’s eponymous debut album set to release on October 31, 2020.

More about GHOSTE

Veteran singer-songwriter and internationally acclaimed artist, Jenny Bruce has released four independent albums to date. She has won multiple songwriting awards, including The John Lennon Songwriting Contest and the Billboard International Songwriting Contest for best pop song. Her songs have been placed in national TV series and films, including Dawson’s Creek, Ghost Whisperer, King of the Hill, the Today Show and several others.

GHOSTE is the ethereal electro-pop musical chimera of Jenny Bruce, and Producer/Composer, Matt Anthony. Immersed in the complex layers of midlife adulting, Bruce had been haunted by a painful memory of her mother telling her repeatedly that, “At 50, you become invisible. Nobody sees you or listens to you anymore.” Determined to prove the opposite, Bruce decided that being invisible is a choice. Being silent is a choice. She called Anthony and together, they planned the concept for what would become her debut album as GHOSTE. Bruce says about GHOSTE, “The E is silent. I am not.”

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