3 Biggest Challenges that Online Advertisers Face Today

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Apr 27, 2018 · 4 min read

As the world population started spending more and more time online and on social platforms and websites for simple browsing, a good read as well as to shop online, things become a challenge for brands. Previously people were supposed to read newspapers, watch television or hear radio as they were the only source of entertainment, so advertising was also simple and targeted towards these mediums only. However, with the passage of time, things have changed and are evolving fast, online advertising is a thing that can make a brand appearance to people on their personal laptops or mobile screens; creating more opportunities for the brands to reach a bigger market.

Increased Opportunity Comes with Increased Challenges

So, the thing is, despite the fact that advertisers can now leverage the online traffic and internet users there are some challenges that are making it harder for advertisers to have the upper hand. As technology is growing at its core, people are becoming more personalized, self-centered and are becoming more open to speak-up when they think things are not right. Meaning that manipulating internet users is becoming harder than ever.

Following are the key challenges that online advertisers face in today’s advanced technology world.

People Prefer Personal Space & Personalization

It is an era where empowerment is the chant we hear everywhere and the reason behind this is because people are understanding their rights as human beings, they want to feel that they have the right to take their decisions and can have their personal space. Freedom and liberalization are at its peak and this increased high is leaving its mark on the online user behavior too.

Today, online users become unhappy if websites try to force ads on them that are not of their interest or if the ads were not relevant to their personal preference or usage. In order to combat this challenge, the best approach that an advertiser can take is to make sure that all ads are personalized in a way that engages user, offer a personal approach and are relevant to their preferences.

Moreover, making sure that an apparel brand ad show on blogs that present fashion tips and offer insight into the new trends will help advertisers to make users more open to ads. Never try to be pushy in showing ads to users, if you will force the viewers to watch a full video ad that is 90 seconds long they will eventually close the website out of frustration. Let them have the privilege to skip the video ad after 30 seconds. People like to be in charge, so make them believe they are the boss here.

Increased Usage of Ad Blocker

The changes in human behavior, their lifestyle and the shortage of time that technology has created for them have made people become easily irritated and agitated with ads. As a result, the use of technology like Ad Blocker has increased significantly making it even harder for advertisers to have a chance at showing their ads or grab the attention of potential buyers. Chances are that if an Ad Blocker screen will pop-up then the individuals will leave the website instantly.

So, what’s the solution advertisers, must take into consideration to have an upper hand on the internet users? Be relevant and analyze how to make your ad reach the audience and trigger their interest as a whole. Do some research, find out what ads your competitors are running on the internet what is their approach; reverse engineer the whole process and come up with your intelligent idea to make people engage in your product marketing.

Difficulty in Obtaining User Consent

User uncertainties are heightened with the increased threats and scams that the online world is posing towards users’ personal data. In order to make sure that the ads shown are as relevant as possible and are in accordance with the online human behavior, their personal data is required. With so many legal allegations you cannot just take someone’s personal data without consent and use it according to your will.

A proper permission is required from the online user, with all the details including where you will use the data and how the data you are asking to use will be protected at all cost from the outside threats and information misusage. The challenge here arises as individuals are concerned, they do not want to give permission because they have their uncertainties.

The only surefire way to make people give their consent is to make the terms of use of their data concise and make it as such that users believe in you. Moreover, when individuals give their consents to use up their data, make sure you use it with care and protect it from any unethical and illegal use. The personal data will help you understand users’ online behavior and you can advertise your ads in a more effective manner.

GigTricks is launching with a purpose to make everyone involved leverage the ecosystem’s features in a better way. The ecosystem will allow advertisers, sellers and freelancers to boost their profiles and reach a greater audience. The ad spaces can be bought via GigTricks’ special utility tokens GBTC. In the advertising world, fraud is also high where data is often manipulated but with GigTricks’ AdTech and with the help of a public blockchain, transparency will be guaranteed.

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An ecosystem that has envisioned to nurture opportunities in the freelance and on-demand economy.

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