5 Easy Ways to Dump Depression a Freelancer

Freelancing may seem like a great escape from conventional workspaces and typical eight-hour jobs, but when you choose this path as an only income generation source and become a full-time freelancer, it can start taking its toll on you. Depression and stress will be your ultimate partners if you are not sure how to tackle things smartly and cope with stress elements at earliest.

Following are the major reasons to make you depressed and stressed all the time while freelancing along with the ways to tackle these issues and cope with depression effectively.


The biggest drawback to work from home is the isolation. Being alone all the time, working on your own with no healthy human interaction can make you agitated and frustrated all the time. Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, isolation is not a healthy thing and can lead to obesity. Working is good, but human-to-human interaction is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Conversely, working in a conventional workplace, you continuously engage in a light small talk with colleagues which make things better.

The easiest way to tackle this issue is to take a break while working on daily basis. Let’s say you are a writer, and write 3000 to 4000 words daily, start taking a break after every blog article and interact with your spouse or play with your kids before resuming. On weekends, plan outings with friends or family. Having a healthy social life will help you dodge depression as well as increase your productivity. Remember, healthy social life is not one where you contact everyone on social apps; it is the one where you meet people face-to-face. Being techy is work for freelancers, don’t make it a routine.

No Job Security

Having no job security as a freelancer is the worst drawback and a nightmare for many. The clients you work for can wake up one morning and decide they are closing the project or they will approach a physical firm for their gig. It can bring depression and stress.

In order to counter such situations, try to negotiate the deal, take all scenarios into consideration and seal the deal in writing i.e. over email or send a pdf and take signature using a mobile app such as SignMyPad in an official manner. Let the client know, in case he will end the project in between it will cost you in many factors including time and effort and for that, a proper compensation must be done for the work you have completed. The freelance community and the clients lack professionalism and ethics and there are no set guidelines to follow. You will have to make your own rules to promote smoothness in your projects.

Moreover, start a retirement plan and try to save funds for a rainy day to avoid any sudden setback and financial issues in your freelance career.

Gap between Gigs

Everything is so unpredictable in the world of freelancing. Sometimes you may be overloaded with projects and at other times you may experience a long gap in between gigs. During this time, being agitated is normal, as you will stay up late, browsing through available projects and continuously bid whether they match your skills or not and even if they are underpaid. It will shoot your frustration to a new level, you will start to calculate in your mind about your expenses and how you will pay the bills leading you to the pit of depression and destroying your self-esteem.

The only solution to this issue is to not to do what you would have done in a such a scenario. The gap will be short-lived, do not destroy your profile rating and bring down your status as a freelancer for bidding for low budget gigs and irrelevant projects. Use up this time to go holiday with your family or learn some new trending skills. Prepare yourself to raise your standard. Be optimistic, you will get the next gig and bid like you would in a normal scenario, not like a desperate fellow.

Payments Issues

The freelancing community is filled with scammers, clients trick freelancers, take the work and disappears when payment time comes or try deceitfulness by saying the project has ended. Such scenarios are the ultimate setbacks for freelancers whether new and experienced. When you invest your time and work your best and don’t get paid, it creates trust issues and makes the already hard life of a freelancer harder.

Unfortunately, this is a type of setback that cannot be tackled with tricks. However, the wounds will seal themselves with time. The only way to avoid this kind of setback is to communicate, know your client and get information on him from other freelancers if the client is honest in making payments to avoid non-payment scenarios.

Get Professional Help

If nothing works and your situation worsens, do not be afraid to ask for help. Go to a therapist for motivational talks and mental therapy. Know that mental health is important, cut-out toxic individuals and surround yourself with positive peers who help you build yourself again.

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