What Are the Criteria for Buying GBTC During ICO?

GigTricks is a blockchain based ecosystem that is soon to be launched. The ecosystem is designed as a diversified solution to create an upgraded system where deceitfulness, scam, fraud and malicious activities will be extinct and opportunities and chances for growth will be significant for the entrepreneurs and freelancers alike. Gigtricks is announcing its ICO for the special crypto coins GBTC to offer a chance to peers all over the globe to show their trust by participating in the ICO.

However, before jumping to the guidelines to purchase the special crypto tokens of GigTricks during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) at a discounted price, let’s first understand the concept of GBTC and where these tokens can be utilized.

What is GBTC?

GigTricks wants to create an environment where all benefits and resources will be in the ecosystem participants’ range. The introduction of a special utility token, GBTC will allow all participants and users to have a common exchange of value. All the dealings within the ecosystem will be done in the same digital token that is secured and created through the hash.

Since the same digital coin will be used, it will be easier to track down gigs based on their budget, whereas on traditional platforms gigs’ budget is visible in different currencies set by the clients. For instance, you will see some project in USD and others in CAD making it harder for freelancers to evaluate and convert the budget into their currency for effective planning of their income as a whole.

Where GBTC’s can be utilized?

The GBTC coins can be consumed anywhere within the GigTricks’ ecosystem. Following are few diversified scenarios to offer you a deeper insight:

  • You can use GigTricks’ GBTC coins at GigTricks Learning to get access to new courses.
  • You can spend your GigBit coins to take skill test to add individual skill rating to your GigTricks Pro profile that is verified under the blockchain technology.
  • You can use the GigBit tokens to buy ad spaces or to advertise to reach a bigger market.
  • To show your trust in a specific freelancer, you can use your GBTC for tipping.

What is GigTricks ICO?

The Initial Coin Offering or ICO is a special sale period to allow investors interested in the big bang theory of GigTricks and believe that the ecosystem could make a difference in the freelance and on-demand economy to invest or contribute. Let’s say, you get to know about GigTricks and what their vision is and want to contribute so that the ecosystem can strive and accomplish its mission. Then you can do so that is, with few simple clicks you can purchase your requested amount of GBTC coins.

ICO Details and Pricing

On April 15th, 2018 a private sale period will start and remain open until May 15th, 2018. The pre-ICO will be for one month starting from June 1st, 2018. While the main ICO will start on July 1st, 2018 and will remain valid until August 30th, 2018. The price of GBTC during ICO will be 0.24800$, however, the quantity is limited. Up to 75% tokens can be sold during the Pre-Sale and Private Sale.

In case the requested sale exceeds the predefined amount then the request for GBTC will be entertained on a first come first i.e. in chronological order and the rest of the orders will be returned to the contributors. For further details and to contribute to the ecosystem’s ICO you can visit gigtricks.io.

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