Gilbert Fire & Rescue Pilots New Response Vehicle

Gilbert, Ariz. — When you need medical assistance in Gilbert you may see an alternative to a fire truck responding to your call starting this month. In an effort to maintain response standards in our growing community, Gilbert Fire & Rescue will be piloting a low-acuity response vehicle starting January 30, 2017. The 12-month Low Acuity Medical Pilot will track the effectiveness of a two-person response model for the less critical medical needs of the community. The unit will respond in a smaller rescue vehicle and will be staffed with one paramedic and one emergency medical technician (EMT). ”We looked at our data and realized that not every call for service requires a four-person fire crew response,” said Gilbert Fire and Rescue Chief Jim Jobusch. “Every call is important to us and the two-person crew is dedicated to providing the same high-quality service that is expected from our department, just in a more efficient manner.”

By tailoring the response to more accurately reflect the needs of the citizen, Gilbert Fire and Rescue can achieve several long-term goals, including:

  • Increasing the availability of the four-person fire crews to meet the most critical needs of the citizens
  • Maintaining a four-minute response
  • Effectively managing the needs of a growing community through innovation and an eye on fiscal responsibility

The parameters for this pilot were developed using data from the recently upgraded patient software platform as well as GIS mapping technology. “The pilot was developed using historical dispatch data,” said Assistant Fire and Rescue Chief Bob Badgett. “We were able to identify when, where and how frequently the less acute call types were occurring. We feel confident that this pilot will provide the information needed for us to have a clear understanding of the effectiveness of the program as we move forward.”

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