Never Look Back…?

Like many Gills fans out there in cyberspace, Darius Sarrafan isn’t happy with Paul Scally’s latest managerial appointment

Okay, I’ve calmed down a bit now. Really, I promise! Having spent the best part of the last few hours tearing my hair out and venting on Twitter (views are my own etc) on the big news of the day, I thought I’d try to make sense of it all in blog form.

In case you’d missed it (or been on a day trip to Mars), Adrian Pennock will continue to be Gills head coach next season, with Peter Taylor coming in as the new Director of Football.

Several words come to mind — short sighted, baffling, backwards amongst others, but when time is taken to actually think about it, is it really all doom and gloom? Let’s investigate.

Let’s try to focus on something positive. Peter Taylor may have been a man more out of touch with the modern game than a blind donkey as a manager, but he proved he can spot a player.

John Egan, Aaron Morris, Max Ehmer and Brennan Dickenson amongst others were all brought to the club under his watch. Taylor built a young, hungry squad when he was last here, and will no doubt be tasked with the same job this time around.

However, most Gills fans, myself included, were beyond dismayed at the news that Pennock would be staying on in his position as head coach.

Four wins in 21 games would appear to be enough to win a permanent job these days, even when managers such as Kenny Jackett are being sacked after only a month in charge of other teams.

It is a baffling decision by chairman Paul Scally, and at a time when the club is calling supporters practically begging them to renew season tickets, it’s truly a sign of how out of touch the chairman appears to be with the fan base of the club.

Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that Taylor gets recruitment right and Pennock can prove all his many doubters wrong on the coaching side.

As poisonous as the atmosphere was following the Fleetwood game last month, goodness knows what it’ll be like if next season starts as badly as last season ended.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the chairman’s shoes if things do go South…


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