Welcome to the all-new Gills365

Did you miss us? Don’t answer that. We’re back anyway ;)

Some things change, but some things stay the same. And the enthusiastic masochism of the Gillingham FC faithful never seems to wane.

However terrible the play on the pitch (especially in stoppage time), however shambolic the goings-on off it (Bondz N’Gala, anyone?), however many times we’re told we’re heading to a new stadium (the GFC equivalent of telling ourselves we’re going to win the lottery) one thing has remained constant over the years.

We keep on coming back for more.

And that’s why Gills365 is back, too. Work commitments and a lack of contributors led me to bring the shutters down on the old site a few years ago.

The interaction that was once there had died off and even the fan forums, once a hotbed of Gills fans’ activity online, had started to resemble ghost towns, with all but the hardiest forum-dwellers having long since departed.

Writing articles and posting on forums back then was akin to shouting in an empty room. There just wasn’t any point. Even the legendary Gills fanzine Brian Moore’s Head ceased publication.

But that was then. Today, despite the less-than-stellar performances on the pitch, things are picking up in the stands.

That’s because among the Gills faithful is a whole new generation of fans who have the same passion for creating content that I had when I launched the site back in 2002, 15 long years ago. It’s great to see, and it’s reignited my own passion to write about the club again.

So I’ll be writing regularly on the site, and there’s also a possibility that the first-ever Gillingham FC podcast, The Gills365 Podcast, might make a comeback, too. Watch this space.

I’ll also be showcasing some of the best stuff I’ve seen online that might interest Gills fans. So if you’re running a Gills-related blog, YouTube channel or podcast, let me know so I can follow and share my favourite bits.

I’m also looking for bloggers, too. If you want to write for Gills365, get in touch. We’re not after straight-laced reports or news (though if we get any massive news to share, we will). We reckon fans want to read other fans sharing their views and their passion for Gillingham Football Club.

If that’s you, I’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch by mailing me at gills365@gmail.com, or DM me on Twitter @simonhead or @Gills365.

Hope you enjoy the site. It’s good to be back.


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