The biggest zoom drones 50x Zoom Sony HX400v fully stabalized on the H3.

Gremsy gStabi H3 did a good job to support Sony HX400V to monitor the power lines.

gStabi H3 is one of the most powerful lightest gimbal in its range, best suited for drone as well as Handheld use.

The intersting thing is that it has the built in stand for convenience and comfortable use in handheld.

Other things is quick release mechanism that can reduce a lot of time when switching between handheld and drone.

Let take a look the video with the biggest zoom

“We have a Sony HX400v fully stabalized at 50x zoom on the H3. I think we have the biggest zoom drones to my knowledge and its thanks to the H3.” Skyfy Technology

Sony HX400V fully stabilized at 50x zoom on the H3 for power line inspection. The drone is 45m away from the power line.

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