Gimbl Monthly Update — GMU #10

Theo Navarro
Jun 28, 2019 · 4 min read

June at Gimbl

June proved to be a busy month for the Gimbl team as we march forward towards our goal of launching in Autumn.

We’ve welcomed new Gimbl family members, had some interesting tech developments, and are getting ready to start spreading the word about who we are and what we do. The vibe here right now is buzzing, as everyone can feel the dream start to come to life.

And while we’re on the topic of the Gimbl dream becoming real, we have something cool to show you!

First look at Gimbl in action!

Last month we promised you a visual teaser would be coming with this update, and we certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint. All of us here at Gimbl have been keeping as tight-lipped as we can, but it’s finally time to share our first teaser with the world!

This is the public’s first sneak peek of what everyone at Gimbl has been working so hard on, and we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into how exactly we’d be able to show that to you. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

A new Gimbl website

Our current website has served its purpose: it helped us keep our backers abreast of what our goals have always been, it gave prospective Gimbl employees an idea of who we are, and it helped get us to where we are today.

Now, however, as we get closer to having a complete product, it’s time for a change.

We’ve been working on a new website that will help us spread the word about what we’re going to do.’s new look and feel is intended to have more mass appeal, be more shareable, and help us build a network of potential users and streamers who want to be kept up-to-date on our vision here at Gimbl. We’ll be able to showcase our new teaser video, as well as other glimpses at what the platform is becoming.

We want people who are new to us, and specifically streamers and their audiences, to know exactly what it is we plan to bring to the market. We’d like these newcomers to know exactly how unique our platform is, and what the benefits of using it are.

The new site will go live in the coming weeks, and we’re all excited for the glow up.

New Gimblrs!

Last month we said that we had some open positions that we wanted to fill, and we’ve been busy doing just that!

We have two new developers on our roster, a front-end developer and a back-end developer, and with this added firepower on our dev team we’re getting closer and closer to Gimbl becoming realized.

Our new developers are settling in nicely, finishing up their training and onboarding, and are jumping in to our technical to-do list like good AD carries.

Speaking of tech… have we got news for you!

Challenges & Donations:

In our last monthly update we went into detail about our Gimbl Challenges, which allow users to set challenges to their Gimbl Streamrs by pledging an amount to be given to the Gimbl Streamr on success.

Our backers and followers will be happy to know that this feature is close to completion! Our developers have been hard at work on this, and we’re getting closer and closer to changing the game and bringing streamers and their communities closer together. This feature alone is going to allow the camaraderie of friends gathered around a television or monitor to cross the digital divide into streamer/audience interactions. No more saying “I wonder if they could…”, now you get to find out for yourself.

In addition to that, we are very pleased to announce that our platform’s donation feature is complete! This feature will allow users to donate directly to their favourite Gimbl Streamrs and show their support through the Gimbl platform.

Helping out Streamrs:

You didn’t think we’d forget content creators, did you? We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we can make the Gimbl experience as easy as possible for Gimbl Streamrs. The objective is for us to provide them with new sources of revenue as well as a new way to interact with their followers.

What we’ve done to make jumping into Gimbl as easy as possible for streamers is create a handy tool to help them keep track of their active challenges and received donations without having to do very much at all.

Verifying the outcomes

One of the most important aspects of our Gimbl Challenges is that they reward Streamrs for success. The thing about that is, we need a reliable way to measure success. Our team has been working hard to make this happen, and it’s all paid off.

We now have a tool that can verify the outcomes of Gimbl Challenges, and eventually bets. This specific tool is going to be at the frontline of what Gimbl does, and will help ensure that outcomes are as accurate as possible.

Even better: it’s baked into the streamer helper tool mentioned above. So streamers can just focus on what they do best: playing the games.

Moving forward

While we’re clearly in a celebratory mood right now, our work isn’t over. We’re going to be pushing hard to get the word out about Gimbl to as many people as we can, and we’re going to keep building and perfecting the Gimbl platform.

So, until our next Gimbl Monthly Update comes out in July, keep an eye out for our new website, and enjoy our first teaser video.

Theo Navarro

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