Gimbl Monthly Update: GMU #11

Theo Navarro
Aug 2 · 5 min read

July 2019 at Gimbl

Temperatures are rising in both Paris and Malta and our team is working up a sweat. We’re getting closer to launch, and are right on track for the Autumn 2019 launch goal.

This month our development team made great headway with key elements of the product; we launched a brand new, beautiful website; our Twitchcon 2019 plans; and we’ve been developing community-focused ideas. Plus, we’re going to be having a Q&A!

Gimbl’s got a brand new look!

We briefly mentioned this in last month’s GMU, and it’s finally here! Gimbl has a brand new website, and one that’s a clearer representation of what it is we’re trying to achieve.

As the product took shape and we started paying more attention to things such as design, UX, and UI, and the product began to take on a life of its own, and it became clear to us that our previous site wasn’t aligned with Gimbl’s visual identity.

With product launch now being imminent, we wanted to make sure that our pre-launch site really highlighted the work that’s going into building the platform. We also wanted our pre-launch site to be clearer and more informative to curious visitors who may not know very much about us.

Our new website is bright, informative, and borrows design elements from the platform itself. In its own way, it’s a sneak peek into what we’ll be bringing to the market soon.

Head to now to take a peek!

Gimbl @ TwitchCon 2019

Gimbl are going to be at TwitchCon 2019, and this year, we have our own booth! We were lucky enough to secure a spacious booth in a high foot-traffic area on the exhibition floor to show Gimbl to the largest concentration of streamers, eAthletes, and viewers around. Some of you might remember that we went to TwitchCon 2018 last year (here’s our blog post about it), but back then, we were just regular attendees. This year, though, we get to show off what we’ve been working on, and what all our backers believed in from the start.

As we get closer and closer to launch, this is when we need to be reaching out to streamers, viewers, and potential partners and spreading the word about Gimbl. Our main goal is to make as many streamers in attendance aware of Gimbl and the benefits of our platform, as well as making sure that viewers know what Gimbl’s driving goal is.

That’s all we can say about this for now as it’s still two months away, but you can expect a more detailed post about TwitchCon closer to the date! If you happen to be going to TwitchCon too, come by our booth and say “hi!”

Q&A with our Co-Founders

This month, as part of the renewed commitment to our community management we had mentioned back in GMU #9, we’re going to be hosting a Question and Answers segment with our Co-Founders Dan Biton and Julien Charrel.

We’ll be collecting questions on our social media platforms between August 1–8 through this Google Form (also available on our social media platforms). Then we’ll post Dan and Julien’s responses right here on the Gimbl blog on Tuesday the 13th of August, so check our social media profiles for the link to that on the 13th!

Find and follow us here;

Dan and Julien, as our Co-Founders, know everything there is to know about Gimbl, and are going to do their best to answer as many questions as they can squeeze in. Please note that, depending on the volume of questions we receive, it may not be possible to answer every received question.

Product Updates this month:

Live Challenges: We’ve just finished adding the functionality for Challenge progression to be tracked in real-time as Streamrs are playing. This means that when a Viewr challenges a Streamr to, for example, get 7 headshots this round, the tracker will update with each headshot as the match progresses.

The Wallet: We’ve made it easy for users who may not already have crypto wallets by baking one into the platform. This will mean any crypto-first-timers will find the registration process and adoption of crypto much easier than if we required them to find out how to set up a wallet without any of our help.

User Registration: Full registration flows have been perfected and are ready for both Viewrs and Streamrs. All accounts start as Viewrs, and Viewrs can apply to become Streamrs. Registering as a Streamr is easy and quick, meaning new users have nothing to fear.

Stream Scheduling: Not only is the ability to link your streams to the Gimbl platform ready, but so is the option to schedule streams ahead of time. This means that Viewrs who head to a Streamr’s profile when they’re offline will know when the streamer will next be live without having to leave Gimbl.

User Interface: Streamrs will have their own interface which is wholly separate than that for Viewrs, as Streamrs and Viewrs have different needs. Head to our new website to get a hint at what our platform is going to look like.

The Gimbl Ambassador Programme

We’re working on an Ambassador programme to help get the word out about Gimbl. As we’d said back in GMU #9, we want the Gimbl community to be a much larger focus than it has been in the past for us.

For this reason, we want to enlist passionate fans and followers to help us reach as many people as possible, and for these people to have their own space to interact with us and each other.

We’ll be updating you on the progress of this as we go along, and you can expect a full, detailed post on the Ambassador Programme when we get closer to implementing it.

Moving Forward

We’re heading towards launch and have a number of exciting things in the pipeline, so the energy at Gimbl is electric right now.

As always, we’ll be back next month with another Gimbl Monthly Update, but don’t forget to check our social media accounts over the next week to submit your questions (or head to ) for Dan & Julien’s Co-Founder Q&A post, which will be up on the 13th.


Decentralized live stream bets and interactions

Theo Navarro

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Decentralized live stream bets and interactions

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