Gimbl Monthly Update: GMU #13

Dan Biton
Dan Biton
Oct 4 · 4 min read

It’s that time of the month again — the Gimbl Monthly Update! In this month’s edition, we’ll be detailing our TwitchCon experience, providing updates on the Gimbl platform and more.

Convention updates

In case you haven’t been following our social media updates, we traveled across the globe to sunny San Diego California to attend the famous TwitchCon convention. Our main purpose for doing so was to showcase the platform we’ve been working so hard on developing. Why TwitchCon you ask? Well, for a few reasons:

  • For one, TwitchCon is massively popular among the eSports and live streaming communities.
  • The convention gave us the perfect opportunity to build awareness around our brand and platform to those in attendance.
  • We could gather as much feedback directly from those interested in streaming and gaming in general. We can then use that feedback to further optimize our platform.
  • And finally in order to reach out to as many interested streamers as possible to sign-up for beta testing.

The testing phase will give exclusive beta access to more than 800 Streamers who registered their interest at TwitchCon, allowing them to give our platform a spin before officially going live. This will not only allow users to try out current and new features but will also let them provide us with feedback, suggestions.

The convention took place over 3 days, between the 27th-29th of September and it definitely did not fail to deliver!

Our booth was purposely set up to give Streamers an immersive Gimbl experience. Streamers would first be shown the Viewer interface — where they could check out and challenge an ongoing stream and could then proceed to have a look at the Streamer interface on a desktop setup specifically for Streamers.

The application was available for both Fortnite and League of Legends, allowing those in attendance to challenge Skyyart through tablets and smartphones.

Our platform works by allowing interested parties to place challenges LIVE. The viewer first chooses the challenge, then decides on the amount to put at stake, and finally confirms the challenge. As the challenges are placed — the streamer will be notified and can then attempt to complete them in order to receive a reward and show Viewers what they’re made of!

Most streamers were excited to find out that our platform would allow their followers to interact with them in all-new ways through the Gimbl challenges. This would, in turn, allow them to grow and retain their audience by keeping viewers engaged and interested in their streams. Another major benefit for streamers is the fact that they’d be able to monetize their streams without spamming their audience with ads, but rather through their follower’s challenges and donations!

From the viewer’s side — they’d be able to push their favorite streamers to new limits through our unique challenges. Want to challenge your streamer heroes to achieve a specific amount of kills? How about assists or penta kills? Win the game? These challenges and more will all be possible once our platform goes live. Viewers may also send donations to show their support and appreciation for the streamer.

Needless to say, attendees provided us with very positive feedback and were very eager to use our platform in real-time. The convention turned out to be a success as we amassed a total of 800 sign-ups at TwitchCon. These individuals will be eligible for beta-testing which will soon become available.

I think it’s safe to say that you can definitely expect to see Gimbl attending more conventions in the near future!

When can you expect to use our platform?

We are currently working around the clock to go live in December 2019 — but rest assured we will be keeping our audience updated on our social media platforms and on our blog section.

And that brings this month’s update to a close. We’d like to once again thank all those who have been following our TwitchCon journey, the progress we’ve been making and for those who took time out of their schedules to pop by our booth to see what we had to offer.

Until next time…take care and be sure to follow us on the following channels:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram | Discord | Medium


Decentralized live stream bets and interactions

Dan Biton

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Dan Biton

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Decentralized live stream bets and interactions

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