Gimli ICO has come to an end. Thank you all !!!!

Dear All,

On behalf of all the Gimli team, I would like to express my gratitude for the support and interest we received from you, our backers. We have been working relentlessly for the past year toward this goal and none of this would have been possible without you.

A little summary of our token sale:

- It ran from September 18th until October 20th
- 720 backers participated in the sale. 
- 5,631 ETH was raised in total.

Throughout the pre-sale and the sale itself, we have been targeted by countless scams and phishing attempts, especially when using Slack. Thank you for being so vigilant and helping us along the way by pointing out each time a scammer was in action. We also would like to thank our bounty participants who accomplished a tremendous work in spreading the word about Gimli. We’ve been taking many actions to ensure the security of our token address, servers, and wallets. Funds are securely stored in multi-sig cold wallets.

The token adventure was hard and challenging, but it was only the beginning. Now that the sale has ended, we have an important responsibility. We are committed to the development of the Gimli platform but also to the creation of a safe betting ecosystem for the internet of tomorrow.

Here is what is going to happen in the next days and weeks:

  1. Finalization of the sale and distribution of the tokens. As per our community request, all unsold tokens will be redistributed proportionally to the sale participants.
  2. Bounty program recap and distribution.
  3. Weekly post to keep you our community updated on the latest news.
  4. Structuring of the Gimli entity, and hiring of various positions.
  5. Next steps with the Gimli design and specifications in partnership with our streamers.
Shooting the Gimli explainer video

Many of you are interested in which exchanges GIM will be listed on and when. We plan on listing the GIM token as soon as possible on and We will make sure to keep you posted, but if you have any questions, please reach out through our Telegram channel.

You may have watched our live demo with one of our French streamer and CS:GO pro gamer: Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer. We will continue to sponsor live events in order to showcase and promote the ongoing development of Gimli. Our vision from day one has been to fight the lack of transparency and user’s protection in the eSports betting world, and we’re committed to bringing that vision to life.

First live demo of Gimli on a Twitch stream.

We are extremely excited to embark on this journey with you, our community. You are the first of millions to have ownership of the GIM token. We thank you again for your support and your trust.

Stay tuned and GG.

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