Tony Saliba Will Travel 28,000 Miles to Teach You Options Trading

Are you ready to listen?

I am extremely humbled to be able to share my conversation with Tony Saliba with you.

As for many, the Market Wizards books blew my mind. The original book was one of the first ones I read on trading when I jumped into the industry in 1998. And Tony was the only options trader profiled.

His story and the strategies he talked about at that time (published in 1989) fascinated me. Still do to this day.

Thanks to a mutual friend, Tony and I were able to connect and what followed was a wonderfully friendly chat where we shared some old Chicago Board of Trade stories, chatted about some of Tony’s business ventures, his exercise regiment which keeps him in tip-top shape (he doesn’t look a day older than 30), and most importantly I was able to pick his brain on options trading questions that have been top-of-mind for me.

One thing that stands out for me about Tony is his humble willingness to give back. He genuinely feels grateful appreciation for the opportunities given to him in the option markets and feels a real pull to continue to pay it forward through his business efforts, educational programs, and backing and mentoring of traders.

Please enjoy this delightful and insightful conversation with my new friend, Tony Saliba:

And after listening to this chat and getting inspired by Tony, please check out his latest book here:

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