Changelly is now available on Ginco.

Changelly is now available in your Ginco Wallet

For the past few months, we have been working closely with the Changelly team to provide a special experience to our users. Ginco is proud to announce that we are now in a strategic partnership with Changelly, one of the most innovative companies in the blockchain space. Please check for our latest updates from the Appstore — the latest version of Ginco will come already integrated with Changelly’s instant cross-chain exchange function.

With this update, our users can:

  • Implement cross-chain exchanges among six blockchains and 15 cryptocurrencies supported within Ginco Wallet
  • Make safe and secure exchange transactions from your smartphone without exposing your private key to anyone

The benefits of using Changelly in Ginco

Instant cross-chain exchange: With Changelly you can now implement instant cross-chain exchanges inside your Ginco Wallet. This means you can exchange cryptocurrencies from different blockchains. For example, you can exchange XRP for BTC, or BCH for ETC or choose from the many more options available in Ginco Wallet.

Safe and secure: Make safe and secure transactions from your smartphone without exposing your private key to anyone.

Save your time and fees: You no longer need to send your cryptocurrency to exchanges, which will save you time and money.

You can now select Changelly!

Make it happen with Changelly

Enjoy a safe and secure exchange with Changelly. The graphic below illustrates how one would exchange their cryptocurrencies using Changelly within Ginco.

Stay tuned for additional exchange features currently in the works. Ginco continually strives to make your crypto experience the best available.

Install Ginco, the decentralized crypto wallet from here:

※Please note: Due to current government regulations, this function is only available outside of Japan and the United States.