Ginco Exchange (KyberSwap) is now available.


Ginco’s version update has been made on December 18th, 2018. The followings are the updated features.

Ginco’s version update has been made on December 18th, 2018. The followings are the updated features.

Total renewal on the user interface

We have updated our design of our home screen, sending/receiving screen, portfolio, etc. to the more sophisticated version, without sacrificing the ease of use. 
Furthermore, we have made adjustment on icons and illustrations. 

This is how the Ginco 2.0 looks like.

KyberSwap’s exchange is now available in your Ginco wallet

KyberNetwork has been one of our most important strategic partners. After launching our partnership back in April, our dev-team has been working hard to provide the smoothest exchange experience in the history of crypto wallets. We are proud to announce that beginning today, the latest version Ginco will have natively-integrated KyberSwap’s decentralized exchange protocol.

With this update, our users can:

  • Exchange ETH to ERC20 tokens supported in Ginco
  • Exchange ERC20 tokens to ETH
  • Make safe and secure exchange transactions from your smartphone without exposing your private key to anyone

The benefits of using Ginco Exchange and KyberSwap

Easy to use: Our native integration of KyberSwap has created the easiest in-app exchange experience for a crypto wallet.

Safe and secure: Our users can exchange their digital assets inside of their decentralized wallet. Enjoy a safe exchange experience knowing your private key is securely protected inside your smartphone.

Low fees: KyberSwap is a decentralized exchange protocol. Compared to the existing centralized exchanges, KyberSwap allows you to trade cryptos with extremely low fees.

How to use


There are now Wallet, Portfolio, Notification, and “Exchange” tabs in your Ginco app. You can find them on the bottom of the home screen.

Exchange tab is available from the bottom section.

Exchanging is easy with KyberSwap

KyberSwap’s decentralized exchange is now available inside your wallet. Enjoy safe and secure trading with Ginco.

You could exchange your tokens like this!

The above graphic illustrates how one would exchange ETH and ERC20 tokens.

Stay tuned for additional exchange features currently in the works. Ginco continually strives to make your crypto experience the best available.

Install Ginco, the decentralized crypto wallet from here:

※Please note that due to legal reasons, this function is only available outside of Japan and the United States.