Enabling Airmiles to create a new loyalty program with a new partner by using Ginger’s tokenization

Airmiles, the Dutch largest loyalty organisation, used Ginger’s Tokenization service to start a new loyalty program. Dutch consumers would get extra miles when they use their credit card abroad. In just four weeks the solution was up and running, skipping all technical and regulatory complexity and significantly reducing their time-to-market.

Connect customer data and credit card data. Complex, full of regulatory challenges, and time-consuming

Airmiles, together with a new partner, wanted to start a new loyalty program. Their goal was to reward credit card users with extra miles for credit card usage abroad. They soon ran into the complexities of payment technology and regulation.

In order to get the extra miles appointed to the right card user, they had to make sure that data somehow got connected. But without the right regulatory compliance they weren’t allowed to store any of the data. They now had both a technical challenge as a regulatory challenge.

As a result, getting their application connected was quite a challenge. A significant amount of research, legal work, and development was required to get everything set up. It required a large investment in time and money, weighing heavily on resources and time-to-market.

Storing and connecting customer and credit cards data with Ginger’s Tokenization

By using Ginger’s tokenization, Airmiles was able to ready their loyalty platform in just four weeks, skipping a significant chunk of regulatory compliance and product development that otherwise would have taken months to complete.

Ginger’s tokenization is a battle-tested web service that, allows your application to safely secure all relevant data according to the latest technology and regulatory compliance. The single RESTful API interface provides all the controls you need and none you don’t, and extensive reporting capabilities mean you’re always in-the-know of what has happened.

We do the hard part, you have the fun

After initial assessment of the requirements, Ginger joined forces with the Airmiles (and partner) tech team to get the Tokenization up and running and to exchange data and tokens according to the process we had predetermined.

Like almost all Ginger products and solutions, the Tokenizer is managed by Ginger and operated by the client. We make sure it keeps running smoothly, you use it to get the job done. Airmiles uses the tokenizer to reward customers for using a credit card. We just do the regulatory and technical stuff.

“After weeks of doing research and talking to all of our regular technical partners, we ran into Ginger. Without them, the new loyalty program would never had happened.”
- Bas from Airmiles

Part of GSP (Ginger Services Platform)

The Ginger SEPA connector is part of the Ginger Services Platform. The system-based design of the platform allows all GSP Services to work together to create an invaluable toolkit for developers of applications in the payments & finance markets.

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