Enabling CashDesk (for their customers) to combine on- and offline transactions in a single overview by using Ginger’s POS connector

CashDesk, a Dutch provider of restaurant software, used Ginger’s cloud based ‘POS Connector’ to combine POS transactions (offline) and eCommerce transactions (online) in one Omnichannel overview in just 3 weeks. Skipping all technical cloud complexity, significantly reducing their time-to-market, and increasing customer happiness.

Integrating online and offline for that Omnichannel approach: complex and time-consuming

After successfully establishing the value of their restaurant software, CashDesk was looking for a way to expand their offerings and to explore the omnichannel trend. They soon ran into the complexities of payment and cloud technology, which is significantly different from their current restaurant software business and their POS experience.

In order to get their normal POS transactions in the cloud and to make all transactions visible and manageable in one environment, there are a lot of hoops to jump. POS devices needed to be connected to the cloud and transactions needed to be recognized as ‘online’.

As a result, getting your application ready for an Omnichannel approach can be quite a challenge. A significant amount of research and development is required to get everything set up. Also aligning all parties requires a large investment in time, weighing heavily on your resources and time-to-market.

Omnichannel with Ginger’s POS connector

By using Ginger’s POS connector, CashDesk was able to ready their Omnichannel approach in just 3 weeks, skipping a significant chunk of research and product development that otherwise would have taken months to complete.

Ginger’s POS Connector is a battle-tested web service that allows your application to process and display transactions with unparalleled speed & ease. The single RESTful API interface provides all the controls you need and none you don’t, and extensive reporting capabilities mean you’re always in-the-know of what has happened.

Excellent technical specs, hassle-free setup, and great support

After initial assessment of the requirements, Ginger joined forces with CashDesk’s technical owner to get the on- and offline transactions running through the Ginger POS Connector and display it for the CashDesk customers.

Much like specialized machinery in large workshops, the POS Connector is managed by Ginger and operated by the client. We make sure it keeps running smoothly, you use it to get the job done.

CashDesk uses the POS Connector as a connection with POS terminals, as a processor, processing all offline (POS) transactions as if they were online transaction and for displaying the result in a single overview.

“Ginger knows what she is talking about. Within days we created an MVP for a happy few. After successful testing we went live in just weeks”
- Rolf from CashDesk

Part of GSP (Ginger Services Platform)

The Ginger Transaction Services is part of the Ginger Services Platform. The system-based design of the platform allows all GSP Services to work together to create an invaluable toolkit for developers of applications in the payments & finance markets.

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