Enabling ING to onboard new Dutch and Belgium customers in a fully automated way by using Ginger’s Digital Onboarding Service

ING Domestic Banking (responsible for retail and SME’ proposition in The Netherlands and Belgium) used Ginger’s Digital Onboarding Service to get their customer onboarding fully automated available for SME’s in just 8 weeks, skipping all edge cases, technical complexity and significantly reducing their time-to-market.

Customer online onboarding; complex and time-consuming

After successfully establishing the value of the PSP platform, ING was looking to expand their offerings by smoothening the onboarding process. They soon ran into the complexities of various flows, different outcomes, multiple connections, complex processes with third parties, and the complexity of getting a clear and straight automated answer to their customers.

In order to get it smoothened and fully automated they had a lot of hoops to jump. The onboarding needed to be suitable for the most complex process, containing; at least 20 payment products, third parties involved, various documents and it should automatically generate an answer to the customer. 
As a result, getting your application ready for smooth online onboarding can be quite a challenge. A significant amount of research and development is required to get everything set up. It requires a large investment in time and money, weighing heavily on your resources and time-to-market.

Smooth online onboarding with Ginger’s Digital Onboarding Solution

By using Ginger’s Digital Onboarding Solution, ING Domestic Banking was able to ready their PSP platform to face competition even more in just 8 weeks, skipping a significant chunk of product development that otherwise would have taken months to complete.

Ginger’s Digital Onboarding is a battle-tested web service that, as its name implies, allows your application to onboard new customers with unparalleled speed & ease. A customer and an admin portal is standard servicing.

If you need more?! The single RESTful API interface provides all the controls you need and none you don’t, and extensive reporting capabilities ensure you’re always in-the-know of what has happened.

Getting ING up and running

After initial assessment of the requirements, Ginger joined forces once again with ING’s tech and business team to get the onboarding up and running for ING.

Much like our PSP offering, the Digital onboarding is managed by Ginger and operated by the client. We make sure it keeps running smoothly, you use it to get the job done. ING uses the Digital Onboarding to onboard its customers in the smoothest way and to minimize the amount of work for the ING back office.

“Onboarding new customers is too often frustrating for the client and a lot of manual work for the teams.
Thanks to Ginger Onboarding the client is off with a flying start and the amount of work internally is reduced”
- Baris from ING Domestic Banking

Part of GSP (Ginger Services Platform)

The Ginger Digital Onboarding is part of the Ginger Services Platform. The system-based design of the platform allows all GSP Services to work together to create an invaluable toolkit for developers of applications in the payments & finance markets.

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