Gingr — bounty campaign instructions

Gingr’s upcoming token generation event (TGE) will expose Gingr’s native currency (GGC) to members of the public. To help spread the word about the Gingr ICO, we joined forces with Bounty0x, an automated bounty management platform, to launch a bounty program. As part of the program, Gingr will pay up to 1.0M GGC to registered users who help market our platform.

Gingr ’s bounty tasks cover seven categories, including articles, twitter re-tweet, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube posts, telegram join, telegram active participation.

Gingr Article creation (150k GGC for this bounty)
Articles and press releases featured on popular sites are extremely effective for promoting coin sales. Bounty participants are encouraged to author articles on Steemit, Reddit, personal blogs and leading sites, such as Cointelegraph, Coindesk, TechCrunch and Inc. Based on factors including shares, views, upvotes and the popularity of the site, stakes will be awarded as follows:
1 GGC= USD value $0.14

  • Low/poor: 0 to 357 GGC tokens (0 to $50) — may be denied
  • Good: 714 GGC tokens ($100.00)
  • Great: 2,142 GGC tokens ($300.00)
  • Extraordinary: 7,142 GGC tokens ($1,000.00)

Submissions made through Medium must contain a disclaimer at the bottom of the post saying “This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x”.

Gingr Reddit bounty (120k GGC for this bounty)
Create an original and unique Reddit post about Gingr in 250+ words (500+ for extraordinary).

Public post about Gingr on Reddit quality grading scale:

  • Poor/Low: 0–142 GGC tokens (0 to ~$20) — may be denied
  • Good: 285 GGC tokens (~$40.00)
  • Great: 428 GGC tokens (~$60.00)
  • Extraordinary: 714 GGC tokens (~$100.00)

Gingr Facebook bounty (230k GGC for this bounty)
With over 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the world’s leading social network. Bounty hunters are rewarded GGC tokens for publicly posting about Gingr on Facebook. Hunters may either share a post already created or post an original post about Gingr.

Share posts posted from the Gingr Facebook page within 14 days after their publication.

  • Each Share = 14 GGC tokens (~$2.00)

Original Post
Post positive writings from your personal account including a link to Gingr website and hashtag #Gingr.

  • Low/poor: 0 to 35 GGC tokens (~0 to $5.00) — may be denied
  • Good: 71 GGC tokens (~$10.00)
  • Great: 178 GGC tokens (~$25.00)
  • Extraordinary: 357 GGC tokens (~$50.00)

Gingr Twitter bounty (150k GGC for this bounty) 
Tweeters are rewarded for posting quoted retweets of Gingr Tweets AND liking Gingr posts on Twitter. To be eligible for the reward, bounty hunters need to follow our official Twitter account Hunters must include a personalized comment within your quoted retweet about Gingr, along with hashtag #Gingr

  • 500–999 followers: 35 GGC tokens (~$5.00)
  • 1,000–2,999 followers: 71 GGC tokens (~$10.00)
  • 3,000–4,999 followers: 142 GGC tokens (~$20.00)
  • 5,000+ followers 215 GGC tokens (~$30.00)

Gingr YouTube bounty (240k GGC for this bounty)
In this Gingr YouTube Video Creation Bounty, hunters are rewarded GGC for creating original YouTube videos about Gingr. Videos may be a review, analysis, or any good video.

  • Poor/low: 0 -357 GGC tokens (0 to ~$50) — may be denied
  • Good: 714 GGC tokens (~$100.00)
  • Great: 3,571 GGC tokens (~$500.00)
  • Extraordinary: 7,142 GGC tokens (~$1,000.00)

Gingr bounty (100k GGC for this bounty)

In this Bounty, hunters are rewarded GGC coins for posting original pictures about Gingr to

To participate in this bounty Hunters may post original content about Gingr to Hunters must have at least 100+ followers to participate.

Original picture quality grading scale:

  • Low/Poor: 0–71 GGC tokens — (0 to $10.00) may be denied
  • Good: 142 GGC tokens ($20.00)
  • Great: 285 GGC tokens ($40.00)
  • Extraordinary: 428 GGC tokens ($60.00)

Gingr telegram join bounty (100k GGC for this bounty)

In the Gingr Telegram Join Bounty, Hunters receive 35 GGC for joining the Gingr Announcement Channel and the Community Channel on Telegram. Hunter must join both channels:

Gingr active telegram participation bounty (Total of 30k GGC for this bounty)

In this Gingr Telegram Participation Bounty, hunters are rewarded GGC tokens for participating in meaningful conversations with other members, or admins, about Gingr.