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Gingr is the first worldwide direct end-to-end booking platform for prostitution services using Blockchain Smart Contract Technology. A decentralized interactive adult platform based in Switzerland, founded by Sergio Rigert.

Sergio’s dream is to make the world a better place. With a natural ability to lead his team and emulate his passion for the future, his infectious, funny, honest, and straight forward personality attracts top-level people who delight in working with him. Sergio has always given 100 percent to the project. He is not afraid to push the boundaries both of himself, his team, and in fact the views of the entire world. He constantly questions the status quo and is not afraid to challenge it.

Gingr is launching the sale of GG Coin, a unified adult-industry cryptocurrency issued on the Ethereum blockchain, which complies with the ERC-20 standard. GGC will be freely transferable on the Ethereum platform. Furthermore the company established a native ecosystem for GGC, the Gingr-Chain which will be used to facilitate payments for both booking options “Hook up” and “Instafuck”. The innovative setup initialises a new era in the industry and marks the convergence of prostitution, virtual reality, and a decentralized community-controlled booking platform.

While cryptocurrency is nothing new in the sex working industry, and a decentralized decision-making process is nothing new to the blockchain space, a decentralized direct end-to-end booking platform for sex workers is the first of it’s kind.

GGC, Gingr’s native token, is a unified sex working cryptocurrency that allows sex workers to quickly and easily verify transferable funds. GGC will be widely accepted by industry players as a payment method due to our partnership arrangements. The companys aim is to solve the key issues of the prostitution market with innovation and growth by providing a solution to the banking and payment issues with the possibility to transfer the funds into legitimate fiat currencies, which can then be used by all parties for all other nonrelated expenditure.

But the coin provides much more utility than just being a payment method. Users can be able to transact exclusively with the GGC to pay for subscriptions and the services the company offers. From dates to sex pleasure, gingr is bringing a safer process to the community.

Global demand for cryptocurrency usage in the sex working space is one of the main goals of Gingr. That’s why Gingr designed a buyback strategy for GGC which will reduce the total number of GGC to 500 million over time. This highlights the company’s strategy to support a secondary market performance of GGC. The company will use 20% of its profits to buy back GGC and destroy them until 50% of all GGC (500 million) are burned. All buy-back transactions will be previously announced to the community. To enhance the user experience Gingr launches an exchange infrastructure, which will be included on the Gingr Platform, to allow quick and simple transactions between FIAT and Cryptocurrencies without swaping the GGC from the Gingr-Chain to the Ethereum mainnet.

Join us in building a new global ecosystem with its own currency (GGC) for a safe and anonymous sex working industry. A crypto coin which will revolutionize the way transactions are made in the $186 billion market. Welcome to the future GG Coin.


We are very excited to start this transition of this $186 billion market together with you and can’t wait for you to discover our newly established ecosystem. Lots of exciting announcement are already in the pipeline for the next couple of days, weeks and months, be sure to join our community and stay tuned.

Important Links/ Documents
🔰 Official website : http://ggcico.io
🔰 Twitter: https://twitter.com/GingrICO
🔰 Facebook : https://m.facebook.com/gingr.ch
🔰 Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/gingr
🔰 Instagram : https://instagram.com/gingrerotic
🔰 Whitepaper: https://api.ggcoin.ch/download/pdf/ggc-white-paper.pdf
🔰 Lightpaper: https://api.ggcoin.ch/download/pdf/ggc-light-paper.pdf
🔰 Fact-sheet: https://api.ggcoin.ch/download/pdf/ggc-fact-sheet.pdf
🔰 technical paper: https://api.ggcoin.ch/download/pdf/ggc-technical-paper.pdf
🔰 Legal memorandum: https://api.ggcoin.ch/download/pdf/ggc-legal-memorandum.pdf
🔰Company’s memorandum & articles of association

gingr | blog

Revolutionizing the world's oldest industry

Flavour of Boom

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gingr | blog

Revolutionizing the world's oldest industry

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