Gingr — We are starting our roadshow!

In recent weeks, Gingr’s core team has been working intensively on the milestones set out on our roadmap. Besides pushing the development of the application, the team’s main focus laid on the project documentation to allow interested parties an in-depth due diligence. It finally came to an end and we’re now fully equipped to master all kinds of inquiries from users, investors, regulatory bodies, exchanges and authorities.

Some significant updates during this month are highlighted below:

  • We have completed the full documentation of the project. The documentation now covers literally all areas of the business and will be available for download at Among other things, further information on the planned ICO, on the company itself, on our development and on various legal aspects of the company is provided.
  • We are working on the integration of the wallet functionality into our ecosystem. This highly complex development includes the implementation of the decentralized and centralized ledger system as well as an interface to the private blockchain, the Gingr Chain. With the integration of the Gingr Chain, we create the prerequisites to offer payments on our application with the chain’s native currency, the GG Coin (GGC).
  • Gingr has made remarkable progress with its implementation of the payment gateways, which aim to make its sex-booking network versatile in terms of currencies, providing an easy-to-use payment solution. To this end, Gingr is developing a currency exchange gateway that provides network participants with permanent access to liquid markets.

The main functions of the payment gateways are:

  • First, it enables cross-currency payments by offering network participants a simple mechanism in order to pay or receive funds in GGC or a selection of other currencies, regardless of their counterparty’s preferred currency.
  • Second, it provides end-users a possibility to exchange their holdings from GGC to another currency if, for any reason, end-users wish to increase or decrease their exposure to a particular currency.
  • And third, it is a facilitator of market-making activities where Gingr’s native currency serves as the common denominator among all other currencies

Gingr is developing a range of applications and services that enable sex-workers and customers to connect seamlessly to the Gingr network. For sex-workers, the Gingr Wallet facilitates the secure storage, transmission, and exchange of GGC. For customers, Gingr’s solutions will facilitate the acceptance of payments to sex-workers with GGC while significantly reducing transaction fees.

Gingr is currently evaluating license requirements that will allow the company to comply with existing regulations as a sex booking platform as well as other services provided on the platform. Regarding Gingr and the handling of the GGC in general, the Gingr team welcomes greater regulatory clarity and believes that digital currency-specific frameworks will serve as a catalyst for the widespread adoption of digital currencies. To this end, Gingr has entered discussions with regulators around the world in order to shape the regulatory framework. Meanwhile, Gingr has received a “no-action letter” from FINMA, which allows the company to issue its own digital currency, when remaining compliant and obeying the Swiss regulatory framework.

From 25 to 26 April 2019, Gingr will meet the world’s leading innovators at the Blockchain Expo in London. This is one of the most important events of the year, featuring leading figures from the cryptocurrency and fintech world. We look forward to being part of this financial fair and to shake hands with industry leaders and initiate future partnerships. You can visit for more information. Hope to see you there at booth 99!

Regarding our current sale stage: The private sale runs with a discount of 75% at 0,03 EUR per GGC. Whoever intends to back our project at this early stage is welcome to contact us for further information or a personal meeting. 
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Make sure to spread the word to your circles and earn GGC from referrals. More updates coming soon, so stay tuned! Visit the Gingr website and become a part of our growing community.

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