Surfing the net just becomes easier and easier every time whether from your smart phone or your portable laptop. Many of us millenials seek both entertainment and news from Facebook which is why it is the most visited website on the internet. As for me, I am not really a fan of using Facebook as my means of entertainment and news since I know there are more websites the could give me more. The top three websites I visit today would be Youtube, Netflix and Medium.

Youtube would be my top visited website since this is where I mostly find my happiness and entertainment. If you are in the mood to watch long videos that would make you want to learn new things, this is the right website to visit. From long learning videos to short entertaining clips, Youtube just has it all. Entertainment, News and learning new things are all found here. My INTFILO professor once told our class that with the power of Youtube, there might come a point where professors won’t be needed anymore. You can literally find anything on this website.

Netflix would come in number two since this is where you can find what you wouldn’t see on Youtube. Full movies and and TV shows would be found here. The cool thing about Netflix is that they release their TV shows all at once so you would be able to binge watch everything and not have to wait every week for a new episode to come out. This has also really helped me since I haven’t been really able to watch TV since I end my dance training late so Netflix has been my means of catching up on shows that I miss.

The last website that has got me really hooked would be Medium. I only started visiting medium recently but I have been a constant client ever since. This is where I also seek enetertainment but mostly where I find the latest news particularly in basketball and film. This is where I find out about trade rumors and the latest team transactions. This is also where I find the upcoming movies of some of my favorite actors. I just love medium so much since I learn a lot from the things that really interest me.

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