The Top GIFs and Clips From ‘Big Brother’ Season 25

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3 min readNov 16, 2023


After a record-breaking 100 days, Season 25 of “Big Brother” came to an end last week with Jag Bains making history as the show’s first Sikh champion.

From this year’s multiverse twist to the reveal of a surprise mother–son duo, Season 25 of “Big Brother” was an all-timer, brimming with unimaginable twists and turns that even longtime fans couldn’t predict.

Looking for a recap of the top moments from this season? Don’t pull out your Time Laser—here are the top GIFs and Clips from “Big Brother” Season 25, all of which we covered live on the official Big Brother GIPHY channel.

From the Minutemen Alliance to the Mafia Alliance

“Big Brother” is all about alliances, and this year’s season was defined by two alliances that carried Jag Bains to the end: the Minutemen alliance and the Mafia alliance.

The Minutemen alliance was formed early on in the season, as Bains made quick friends with Deaflympics gold medalist Matt Klotz, the show’s first-ever deaf contestant.

Bains’ friendship with Klotz came in handy in Week 4 when Klotz came to Bains’ rescue, using his Power of Invincibility to save Bains from being evicted from the house.

Thus, the Minutemen alliance was born. The duo dominated the season, eventually adding Bowie Jane Ball—the show’s first-ever Australian contestant—to their alliance to create the Mafia alliance.

In the end, the trio prevailed: the Mafia alliance evicted several houseguests to make it to the final three…

…eventually crowning Bains as the champion of “Big Brother” Season 25.

Most-Viewed GIFs: Blue Kim, Cirie Fields, Red Utley

Several evicted houseguests topped our list of the most-viewed GIFs from Season 25 of “Big Brother.”

For starters, this GIF of Blue Kim was the third most-viewed GIF of the season with 19.5 million views, as of November 15.

“Survivor” legend Cirie Fields also made waves this season as the 17th houseguest and the first “Survivor” alum to compete on the show. This GIF of Fields was the second most-viewed GIF of the season with 30 million views.

So, who topped our list of the most-viewed GIFs from Season 25? This GIF of Red Utley was the most-viewed GIF of the season with 70.6 million views.

All the Best Clips From the Finale

This season’s “Big Brother” finale was a true nail-biter as the Mafia alliance competed against each other in the final Head of Household competition for the top prize.

Want to know what happened? Here are some of the best Clips from the finale of Season 25 of “Big Brother.”

Jag Bains: “I have to win this.”

Bowie Jane Ball: “My body is tired.”

Matt Klotz: “Love all you guys.”

Jag Bains: “I’ve earned it every step of the way.”

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