Girl Geek Academy Global Scholarship — valued at $15,500

At Girl Geek Academy we recently celebrated our second birthday. In two years we have run 4 all-female hackathons, created meetups in NYC and SF for highly technical women, gathered women in the games industry to build games together, we’ve sent Girl Geeks to conferences and have introduced many women to the wonders of 3D printing and making.

But until we reach the point where the workforce of people in technology matches the diversity of the general population, we need to do more to encourage women to improve their technology skills, collaborate and build the internet together.

Today we are proud to announce the first of what will hopefully be many scholarship opportunities for women to become strong technical women.

Our amazingly incredible friends at General Assembly are giving you the chance to earn a scholarship towards the Web Development Immersive program, launching this 26 September and 7 November at General Assembly Melbourne.

You can apply from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD — you just need to make your way to Melbourne to participate in the course.

One individual will receive a full scholarship for this full-time, 12-week program and learn the skills needed to become a junior web developer. Applications close Monday, 12 September.

It only takes two minutes so say yes to increasing your technical experience. Apply Now!

#SheHacks, the world’s first ever all-female hackathon, celebrated it’s fourth event at General Assembly.

Help us reach our goal of teaching technical skills to 1 million women by 2025!

Girl Geek Academy is a global movement encouraging women to learn technical skills, create startups and build more of the internet.

Become a yearly @GirlGeekAcademy member! $8.25/month AKA one lunch a month!

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