Ladies Who Linux — Bay Area Launch

We launched the LWL SF community on Feb 16 at the Dropbox. Very exciting we now have two communities, NYC & SF :) You can join our community here: Ladies Who Linux Bay Area

Before the party everyone was very excited to meet each other:

I kicked off the evening with a welcome and talked a little about how Ladies Who Linux started when I was living in NYC. I really wanted to meet other women working with Linux and infrastructure. It’s awesome the NYC community is still kicking over on the East Coast thanks to all the love Carmen is giving the community ❤

Ladies Who Linux NY ❤

When I moved to San Francisco to join Dropbox I decided to start a Bay Area community for Ladies Who Linux. I was so happy to receive tons of support from Dropbox to organize the launch.

Launch Day — Feb 16, 2016

It was super awesome to have 30 amazing women come along to our very first event in the Bay Area. We were a very diverse group of SREs, SWEs, Systems Engineers, college students and more.

Ladies Who Linux Bay Area Launch Party @ Dropbox

Akhil Gupta, VP of Infrastructure @ Dropbox joined us for the event. He spoke to us about how he first got started with Linux and where it has taken him over the years. You can read more about Akhil here: Akhil joined Dropbox in 2012 and scaled Dropbox infrastructure as the user base grew eightfold to over 400 million :)

I was very excited Kelsey Fix joined us to speak about her experiences as an SRE at Dropbox. Kelsey joined Dropbox early on in 2012. She’s currently working on automation for DNS zone files and she shared with us the techniques she uses to solve technical challenges.

Several Dropboxers joined us for networking and knowledge sharing. Jessica McKellar, Stephanie Dean & Leonid Movyesyan spoke with us about their experiences working with Linux and at Dropbox. I love that everyone at Dropbox was really excited to host and participate in this event :)

Big thanks to everyone who attended and helped with the launch! 
Looking forward to the next Ladies Who Linux Bay Area meetup ❤

Join Ladies Who Linux Bay Area :)