PennApps — the chillest hackathon ever!

A big hello from everyone at PenApps!

PenApps kicked off on Friday night with API demos from the sponsors. We had a lot of fun showing everyone how to use the DigitalOcean API ☺ We also asked everyone to wave so we could tweet this photo! So fun!

Huge congratulations to all the attendees, mentors, volunteers and organizers! You are all awesome ☺

Jules and I also got to check out LOVE Park as it was right near our hotel! ❤

So fun to see Philly for the first time!

On Saturday we went along to the Women Hackers meetup! It was great to meet so many women from all over the world who love atttending hackathons. I’ve hope next year there will be double or triple this number!

The PennApps Women Hackers Meetup

I really enjoyed helping everyone build their apps and use DigitalOcean. It was awesome to meet students who have been going to hackathons for years and also those who it was their first time!

Looking forward to the next hackathon, we had a blast! ☺

Jules and I hacking the night away! ☺
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