360: Having It All

Just in case our episode about “having it all” didn’t shake you up enough, here are four more reasons (amazing essays) to let go of the expectations you have on yourself and others. There is no recipe for a happy life, so can we please stop with the judging and pigeonholing? Success and happiness are very subjective. What one person might find fulfilling and delightful, another might find difficult and destructive. Not everyone wants that career life. Not everyone wants six kids. Not everyone wants a PhD. More importantly, not everyone can choose what they want. Not everyone can afford college. Not everyone can have kids. Not everyone will get their dream job.

It’s time to change how we think about success because expectations are a bitch. They can be very destructive and tear down the spirit of someone who was content being “just” a “stay-at-home mom”.

No one lifestyle is inherently good or evil, it depends entirely on what makes you a whole and happy person.

And now, the Reasons.

First we have Amy Westervelt bringing it with the reality check. What seems to start out as a rant, quickly turns into one of the more insightful perspectives on working-motherhood and all the double standards, judgement and joy that come with it.

Next up is a reoccurring favorite, Orisirisi. She paints an all-to-familiar picture of the “when are you getting married!?” scenario before diving into the world of being single, having married friends, sisterhood, spinsterhood, and weddings.

Lastly we have a good ol’ two-parter written by stay-at-home dad and writer Josh Luukkonen. Reading this series was like a breath of fresh air. Take a look into the unique joys and trials of being a stay-at-home parent…who also happens to be a man.

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