Depression is an ocean

Mar 25, 2019 · 2 min read
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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Depression is as vast and dark as the ocean. Once you’re in too deep, once you see the demons that hide under the surface, nothing is ever the same. When the water starts to fill your lungs and you’re scrambling to rise above sea level, but you’re so far below that you don’t know which way is up anymore.

That is depression.

You’re looking to find a way out but all you see is miles of nothing.

Depressed. They throw around the word so careless as if its something to glorify, something to be proud of. It’s as if depression is the new trend and everyone is desperate to be in style. They speak as if they know how it feels. They think that it’s a fight but it’s an all-out war. They don’t know how it feels like to gasp for breath, to swim upwards with all your strength only to be pushed down by the current.

They don’t know how to feels to live when you’re hardly surviving.

They don’t know how it feels to be faced with everything you’ve kept locked up to convince yourself it’ll be okay. To have absolutely no more will to live because you just don’t see the point in this endless cycle. They don’t know how it feels like when every instinct is telling you to live but your mind and soul are a screaming the opposite. To be right at the edge of the cliff, ready to free fall. But you don’t jump just yet because you’re still holding out for the slightest possibility of someone coming along to save you from this darkness.

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