Girls Go CyberStart 2018: Top Teams

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Feb 28, 2018 · 3 min read

The response and engagement with Girls Go CyberStart has been outstanding. We’ve seen fantastic team work and a huge amount of enthusiasm, skill, and determination from all the participants. We want to congratulate everyone who played and helped teams participate as an advisor. We hope you’ve all had fun, have learned some new cyber security skills, and we hope to see you again in future programs.

If you’ve loved Girls Go CyberStart and want to continue to build your skills, we’ve put togetether a page of resources, competitions, camps, associations, and ideas — many of which are free.

A special congratulations to our overall and state winners: amazing work in just 6 days!

Top 3 Teams Overall:

1. PHS Iliad (Poolsville High School, Maryland) 117,700 points
2. (\\( o . o )/) (Montgomery Blair HS, Maryland) 115,500 points
3. bc-ayyy (Bergen County Academies, New Jersey) 107,150 points

Top State Teams:

American Samoa
1. Islanders500 (South Pacific Academy High School): 23,700 points
2. Lucky (South Pacific Academy High School): 20,050 points
3. n_leisam03 (South Pacific Academy High School): 600 points

1. Coding Cougars (Niwot High School): 79,600 points
2. CyberStop (Grandview High School): 46,150 points
3. (Highlands Ranch High School): 36,600 points

1. Sunday Simpleton (Pathways Academy of Technology and Design): 56,700 points
2. The Real Dream Team (Miss Porter’s School): 51,900 points
3. Pelicans (Loomis Chaffee School): 45,750 points

1. The Cyber Sisters (Padua Academy): 85,500 points
2. Team 3303 (Charter School of Wilmington): 73,000 points
3. Team Fred (Padua Academy): 64,500 points

1. Idalings (Kalani High School): 75,900 points
2. Na Alii CyberGirls (Aiea High School): 54,350 points
3. Valkyries (Kalani High School) (Kalani High School): 50,400 points

1. Park Tudor Team 1 (Park Tudor School): 72,550 points
2. Throwing Exceptions (like a girl) (West Lafayette Junior-Senior High School): 66,800 points
3. Whoosh Force (NorthWood High School): 64,850 points

1. 24Cyberry24 (Des Moines Central Campus School): 63,750 points
2. Paradoxies (West High School): 51,100 points
3. Classified (Valley High School): 38,200 points

1. Bangor (Bangor High School): 57,450 points
2. Thornton Academy (Thornton Academy): 46,050 points
3. ctrl alt defeat (Portland High School): 44,400 points

1. artemist (Montgomery Blair High): 91,100 points
2. Mad Cow Disease (Montgomery Blair High): 87,900 points
3. Pauliticians (Montgomery Blair High): 83,400 points

1. Cobras (Homeschool): 32,800 points
2. MCTC Team Five (Madison Career and Technical Center): 29,000 points
3. TitanUp Cybersecurity (Ridgeland High School): 28,050 points

1. X² (Green Valley High School): 53,900 points
2. Borgers (Green Valley High School): 47,900 points
3. THUNDER (Cimarron-Memorial High School): 43,100 points

New Jersey
1. CyberGoats (Bridgewater-Raritan High School) (Bridgewater-Raritan High School): 73,150 points
2. SecondQ (Bergen County Academies): 73,000 points
3. McGirls (Communications High School): 71,150 points

North Carolina
1. The Poley Bears (East Chapel Hill High School): 68,400 points
2. The InvAsian (William G. Enloe High School): 55,500 points
3. NCSSM Team2 (North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics): 51,200 points

1. Cup Of Java (Independence High School): 81,300 points
2. The 4 Stooges (Castroville): 56,550 points
3. Cyber Hawks (Rockwall-Heath High School): 56,450 points

1. Burlington High School (Burlington High School): 47,400 points
2. cyberCougars (Mount Mansfield Union High School): 40,100 points
3. CFAA (Homeschooled): 28,400 points

West Virginia
1. Imanty (Fayetteville High School): 38,700 points
2. Lady Hawks (Scott High School): 33,900 points
3. Cyber Jacket (Williamstown High School): 30,550 points

1. BisonGCS (Buffalo High School): 46,650 points
2. Queens of the Anthropocene (Journeys School of the Teton Science School): 27,150 points
3. Red Devils (Evanston High School) (Evanston High School): 24,450 points

Girls Go CyberStart

Empowering girls across the US to become the next leaders in cybersecurity and help protect the web.

CyberStart US

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CyberStart is a program featuring fun, technical challenges and games to inspire the next generation of cyber security professionals!

Girls Go CyberStart

Empowering girls across the US to become the next leaders in cybersecurity and help protect the web.

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