Girls Go CyberStart’s fantastic results for 2019

Jul 18 · 3 min read

Girls Go CyberStart has closed, but before we take a summer break, we’ve got some amazing numbers and some great news to share!

First, the great news:

We have awarded 265 junior and senior girls $500 college scholarships for their outstanding performance in CyberStart Game! We know every little bit helps when tackling the expense of college — and wasn’t it more fun to earn that scholarship by solving cybersecurity challenges instead of writing an essay?

Click here to see a list of the scholarship winners in each state. Kudos to these girls and a big thank you to their teachers and schools for supporting them in Girls Go CyberStart!

And now for the amazing numbers:

A LOT of students have had a chance to discover their talent in cybersecurity and computer science through Girls Go CyberStart.

  • 11,330 girls from 719 schools in 27 states registered for Assess, the starting point for Girls Go CyberStart
  • An impressive 7,290 girls from 369 schools qualified to keep playing in Game — aka the semi-finals
  • Those girls won for their schools an extra 50 licenses to Game which gave another 18,540 students — boys and girls — the chance to try out their cyber skills.
  • 119 schools qualified for the National Championship Finals, with 465 girls from the school teams going head to head in a Capture The Flag for the National and State titles. Here’s the list of winning teams from each state.

Finally, just how high did girls get in their CyberStart Game scores?

Highest Score Overall: 120,600 points — Clements High School, Texas

Highest Score in HQ Base: 97,500 — Montgomery Blair High School, Maryland

Highest Score in Forensics Base: 10,700 — Mt. Carmel High School, California

Highest Score in Moon Base: 18,000 – 9 students from these schools:

  • Mt Carmel High, California (2 students)
  • Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School, Georgia
  • Clements High School, Texas
  • Independence High School, Texas
  • Montgomery Blair High School, Maryland
  • Huron High School, Michigan
  • Park Tudor High School, Indiana
  • Advanced Technologies Academy, Nevada

Top 25 Overall Scores:

  1. 120,600 — Clements H S, Texas
  2. 118,050 — Montgomery Blair High, Maryland
  3. 113,700 — Clements H S, Texas
  4. 99,650 — Mt. Carmel High, California
  5. 99,000 — Independence H S, Texas
  6. 94,650 — Montgomery Blair High, Maryland
  7. 93,900 — Noblesville High School, Indiana
  8. 91,100 — Padua Academy, Delaware
  9. 89,400 — Clements H S,Texas
  10. 88,700 — Padua Academy, Delaware
  11. 86,500 — Langley High, Virginia
  12. 86,400 — Mt. Carmel High, California
  13. 85,700 — Clements H S, Texas
  14. 84,200 — Independence H S, Texas
  15. 80,800 — John F Kennedy High School, Iowa
  16. 80,000 — Tri-code Girls Club, North Carolina
  17. 79,400 — Enloe High, North Carolina
  18. 76,400 — Huron High School, Michigan
  19. 72,500 — Charter School Of Wilmington, Delaware
  20. 72,250 — Leadership Prep School Secondary, Texas
  21. 70,300 — Noblesville High School, Indiana
  22. 69,950 — Enloe High, North Carolina
  23. 69,800 — Poolesville High, Maryland
  24. 68,300 — Roosevelt High School, Iowa
  25. 66,550 — Leadership Prep School Secondary, Texas

Girls Go CyberStart

Empowering girls across the US to become the next leaders in cybersecurity and help protect the web.


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CyberStart is a collection of tools that will introduce you to the cyber security industry and accelerate your entry into the profession! 💻

Girls Go CyberStart

Empowering girls across the US to become the next leaders in cybersecurity and help protect the web.

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