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Mrs. G
Mrs. G
Oct 9 · 2 min read

Welcome to our blog, a brand-new CyberStart resource aimed at sharing information about how to get ready for Girls Go CyberStart and do your best!

We’ll have a post once a week with info for both students and teachers. Here are some topics we have planned.

  • How to register using the new easier and faster registration system
  • Technical information on equipment, what to tell your IT department, whitelists, etc.
  • How-To’s on tools like Wireshark, Hex Editors, Autopsy, Linux and more
  • Ways to recruit girls at your school to participate in the competition.

Do you have a topic to suggest? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Practice Challenges: We know it is easier to learn by doing, so we are introducing “Pop-up Challenges” to help you prepare for Girls Go CyberStart 2020. Every week starting November 16th we will post two puzzles very similar to Girls Go CyberStart challenges. After you get a chance to try your hand at it on your own, the following week we will post a video to walk you through the solution.
While we are waiting . . . let’s start with a simple cryptography puzzle type often seen in cyber competitions. Hint on a good tool to use: Rumkin

Answer next week

Is Your State in for Girls Go CyberStart 2020?

Our goal is to give students across the country the opportunity to participate in Girls Go CyberStart. The program is free, all it takes to participate is for the state governor to issue a press release from the governor in support of Girls Go CyberStart and cyber education.

What can I do? Your voice is important and powerful! Write an email to share how GGCS will benefit students, support school offerings, and impact you personally — you may be the person who persuades your governor to sign-up your state for the program!
Letter Writing Kit to recruit your state’s participation in GGCS

Question: Who is Mrs. G?
Answer: Me, Mrs. Galante! My students called me “Mrs. G” in my former life as a high school cybersecurity teacher and cyber competitions coach. Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of cool cybersecurity tips, tools and resources, and I’m looking forward to sharing them here with you. So stay tuned!

Girls Go CyberStart

Mrs. G

Written by

Mrs. G

Mandy Galante — formerly a high school cybersecurity teacher and coach, now working with GGCS to help young people discover their cybersecurity talent.

Girls Go CyberStart

Empowering girls across the US to become the next leaders in cybersecurity and help protect the web.

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