The Winners of the National Championship for Girls Go CyberStart 2019

Jun 11, 2019 · 4 min read

Congratulate the top three teams in each of the states and find out which three teams scored the highest throughout the U.S.

Between Wednesday, June 5 and Friday, June 7 last week, 120 teams across the U.S. participated in a ‘Capture the Flag’ team event; the final stage of Girls Go CyberStart. Working against the clock and challenges designed to test their digital skills, teams climbed up the leaderboard to score first place.

‘Capture The Flag’ (CTF) cybersecurity competitions don’t involve first-person shooters or running around outdoors. Instead, cybersecurity CTF’s involve a set of computer security puzzles and challenges that test your skills in areas such as reverse-engineering, memory corruption and cryptography. When a challenge is solved, it gives the players a flag — a secret string of code that can be exchanged for points. The more points, the higher the team moves up in rank.

We are pleased to reveal the overall winners below:

1. Blair GirlsGo — Montgomery Blair High — Maryland

2. PHS Girls Can Code — Poolesville High — Maryland

3. Clements CyberStart — Clements H S — Texas

These three, top scoring, teams have won:

1st prize = $400 per team member and $250 for their school

2nd prize = $300 per team member and $250 for their school

3rd prize = $200 per team member and $250 for their school

But, while these teams won overall, prizes are also awarded to the first, second and third placed team in each state. Top scoring CTF teams in each state win:

1st prize = $100 per team member and $100 for their school

2nd prize = $75 per team member and $100 for their school

3rd prize = $50 per team member and $100 for their school

Find your state below and see who came top in your state:

Alabama / Arkansas / California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Indiana / Iowa / Maine / Maryland / Michigan / Nevada / New Jersey / North Carolina / North Dakota / Rhode Island / Tennessee / Texas / Vermont / Virginia / West Virginia / Wyoming

Plus, the rest of the teams in the ‘Top 50’ all get a prize too


  1. Center Point Cyber Security — Center Point High School
  2. CyberDragons — Alabama School of Math & Science
  3. HHSCyber — Huntsville High School


  1. GJHS Cyber Team — Greenbrier Junior High School
  2. Greenbrier Cyber Club — Greenbrier High School
  3. LHWolvesCode — Lake Hamilton High School


  1. Cyber Warriors 2019 — Troy High
  2. DATA Cyber — Monterey Trail High
  3. MCCyberSundevils — Mt. Carmel High


  1. Niwot High School Club — Niwot High School
  2. — Highlands Ranch High School
  3. LHS Cybella — Lutheran High School


  1. DHHSDoesCS — Daniel Hand High School
  2. Greenwich High School Cyber — Greenwich High School
  3. Windham Tech Cyber Tigers 1 — Windham Technical High School


  1. Charter School of Wilmington Cyber Club — Charter School Of Wilmington
  2. Cyber Pandas — Padua Academy
  3. Mustang Ladies — Mot Charter School


  1. Wheeler Girls in Cyber-security Club — Wheeler High School
  2. AP Cyber Team — Augusta Preparatory Day School
  3. Evans High Cyber Valkyries — Evans High School


  1. Girls Go CyberStart MBTA — Myron B. Thompson Academy — A New Century Pcs
  2. The Priory Cyber — The St Andrews Schools
  3. Seabury CyberGirls — Seabury Hall


1. Centennial Cyber — Centennial High School


  1. Noblesville High School — Noblesville High School
  2. WCC Cyber Warriors — Walker Career Center
  3. Whoosh Force — North Wood High School


  1. CyberGirls — Sioux City Career Academy
  2. Central Campus — Central Campus HS
  3. ALHS CyberStart Club — Abraham Lincoln High School


  1. FHS CyberGEMS — Freeport High School


  1. CyberByte — Thomas S. Wootton High
  2. GMHS GirlsWhoCode — Great Mills High
  3. Chesapeake Cyber Ladies — Chesapeake High


  1. Ann Arbor Huron Cyber — Huron High School
  2. CYBERGEEKS — Hillsdale Area Career Center


  1. DA Daredevils — The Davidson Academy Of Nevada
  2. CyberGators — Green Valley High School
  3. M@v3r1X5 — Advanced Technologies Academy

New Jersey

  1. Bergen County Academies — GGCS — Bergen County Academies
  2. SuperCyberGirls — Livingston High School
  3. CHS Cyber Club — Communications High School

North Carolina

  1. Enloe MBSA — Enloe High
  2. Catamount Chaos 2019 — Panther Creek High
  3. Tri-Code Girls — Tri-code Girls Club

North Dakota

1. WHS Cyber Coyotes — Williston High School

Rhode Island

1. EGHS Cyber Club — East Greenwich High


1. William Blount Cyber Club — William Blount High School


  1. Code Warriors — Martin H S
  2. Bobo’s Cyber Angels — Arthur Miller Career Center
  3. Hebron Computer Science Club — Hebron H S


  1. BHS Girls GoCyber Club — Burlington Senior High School
  2. Ghost in the Machine — Vermont Home Education Network


  1. Langley HS Girls in CS — Langley High
  2. Spotsy’s Cyber Knights — Spotsylvania High
  3. Flint Hill Cybersecurity Club — Flint Hill School

West Virginia

  1. MHS Girls Go — Morgantown High School
  2. Imanity-go — Fayetteville High School
  3. Scott High Ladyhawks — Scott High School


  1. SCSD2 — Sheridan High School

The following teams who got into the ‘Top 50’ also won prizes:


  • PT Cyber Defense Team — Park Tudor School


  • KennedyCougarsCyberSecurity — John F Kennedy High School
  • Urbandale Cybergirlz — Urbandale High School
  • WDM Valley Cyber Girls — Valley High School
  • West Cyber Club — West High School

New Jersey

  • HTHS GirlsGo Cyber Club — High Technology High School
  • RBRHS — Red Bank Regional High School


  • Clear Lake High School Cyber Club — Clear Lake H S
  • LT CyberCavs — Lake Travis H S
  • Medina Valley HS Cyber Club — Medina Valley H S

They win $25 per student and $50 per school

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Girls Go CyberStart

Encouraging girls across the US to become the next leaders…

Girls Go CyberStart

Encouraging girls across the US to become the next leaders in cybersecurity and help protect the web. Register for updates on next year!


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CyberStart is a collection of tools that will introduce you to the cyber security industry and accelerate your entry into the profession! 💻

Girls Go CyberStart

Encouraging girls across the US to become the next leaders in cybersecurity and help protect the web. Register for updates on next year!

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