3 Ways to Celebrate #DayoftheGirl

Tomorrow is #DayoftheGirl, an international day of recognition where we celebrate the power of girls, make a commitment to supporting them in our communities and empower them through organizations that help them every day. Here are three ways YOU can celebrate #DayoftheGirl this October 11.

1. Listen To A Girl In Your Life

Girls’ voices matter, and they deserve to be a part of the conversation. You can show a girl her voice matters by listening to what she has to say. Don’t brush off her comments or wait for her to raise her hand. Ask a girl what she thinks, bring her into the dialogue and celebrate her unique voice!

2. Share A Story About #GirlPower

Every day, we post images on social media about our food, our vacations and our hobbies. Why not share an image that speaks to something greater? Share a photo of yourself as a girl and what #girlpower means to you, or share the photo of a strong girl in your life who should be recognized. The more stories we share about girls being strong, the more visible role models become for other girls who need support.

3. Support A Girl Focused Organization

Every day, organizations in your community and around the world are making sure girls have the chance to get off the sidelines and be the leaders in their own lives. Support an organization that is helping girls and teaching them how to be gamechangers!

At Girls in the Game, every $25 allows two girls to attend a day of our After School program, where they learn how to be active, strong and become leaders in their communities each week. Make a gift today and celebrate #DayoftheGirl with us!

SommerAnn McCullough is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Girls in the Game.

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