3 Ways to Support Girls in the Game During the Holidays

The holidays are all about hot chocolate, time with friends and giving back to your community! Whether it’s volunteering on a Saturday morning, cooking a meal for a local shelter or making a generous end of year gift, there are so many ways to connect with your community over the holidays. We’ve rounded up the top three ways you can support Girls in the Game and help us empower another 45,000 girls together!

  1. Sport your Girls in the Game swag! We’re all about sharing our mission with new friends, and even people in line at the grocery store. Our new logo captures our mission of empowering girls to grow up and be leaders in their communities. Grab your apparel today and 20% of the proceeds come back to our mission.
  2. Participate in #GivingTuesday on Facebook because there is a huge match program up to $50,000 for each nonprofit on November 28 for one day only. Simply visit our Facebook page and click the “donate” button on Tuesday, November 28 and every dollar you donate will be doubled!
  3. When you see family and friends over the holidays, think about how you compliment younger girls in your family. Instead if saying “you’re pretty” or “that dress is so cute” say “you’re so smart, I love hearing you talk about what you’re learning in school” or “you’re so brave, it can be hard to make friends in a new grade.” Ask her questions about what she’s reading, how her sports team or dance class is going and how she’s been a leader in the classroom lately. Show her she is powerful, and that her voice matters.

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SommerAnn McCullough is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Girls in the Game

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