5 Goals To Strengthen Girls in 2018

Our coaches and staff shared their top commitments to strengthen girls through our programs on and off the court in 2018.

What are your goals?

Next year, I will commit to providing a safer space for girls through Girls in the Game programming. Through the creation of a safer space, we can empower girls and leave a lasting impact, which will resonate beyond programming.
-Aaron Meyer, After School Coordinator

In 2018, I want to challenge myself to see the potential to change the world in every single girl that I interact with while coaching. Additionally, I want to communicate that potential to each girl, so they know their worth and their capability.
-Callie Rodenbiker, Citywide Initiatives Coordinator

In 2018, I will empower and inspire girls to make a difference in their communities. To recognize their own power and to have the confidence to work toward positive change. Women and girls have the power to change the world and I want to give them the tools they need to do so.
-Meghan Morgan, Executive Director

In 2018, I am committed to strengthening girls, especially in our middle school programs, by giving them the space to try new things and learn that they have the capability to be leaders among their peers, in their schools and in their communities. I will work to ensure that our coaches feel supported in providing that space, and to make this a great year for the girls who are a part of Girls in the Game.
-Kate Nilles, Senior Flagship Coordinator

In 2018, I aim to create spaces and opportunities for girls to use their voices so that they know they are powerful, resilient, confident and strong. I am committed to advocating for the inclusion of girls in the conversations that affect them. My goal is to continue to expand leadership opportunities for all girls in Chicago regardless of environment or circumstance. I remain committed to my role as a learner from the thoughtful, creative and inspiring girls we serve!
-Elizabeth White, Teen Programs Manager

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