How Sports Made Me A Leader

Picture this. I’m sitting at my chair, arms on my desk, and my eyes at the clock as I see the second hand tick, tock, tick, tock. It’s been a long day, and all I want to do is free my mind from all the drama and homework that is due the following day.

Do you know how I free my mind? By playing sports. YES! That was me, I was the girl in school who was always excited to play sports. People would usually find me on the court or on the field, so it wasn’t a surprise that I ended up at Girls in the Game.

I remember when I was in 5th grade and we were playing a basketball game. Two boy captains were choosing players, and I was the first girl picked to play on the “better” team. My heart was jumping for joy because I wanted to be on that team. I was even chosen before another boy. That was the moment when I realized how important sports were to me.

Chriz with her school basketball team

My life has been surrounded by sports. I was often the only girl playing football at recess. It was a stress reliever, I felt accepted and my confidence level was off the charts. Those school days were so long ago, but since I played my first official basketball game, I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. After playing sports in high school and intramurals in college, volunteering as a softball coach and working with children, I decided to pursue a career in youth sports.

Girls in the Game is everything that I am, and everything that I want to share with the world. The program is incredibly beneficial for girls because they have a chance to express their individuality. They are able to find their voices and build lifelong friendships while being physically active.

Softball was one of the sports that the girls loved! Most of them didn’t know what it was, but after I explained the game and rules, they were ready to play. Some of the girls were naturals. Others needed a little practice, but once we started a game, all of the girls stepped up to the plate and hit the ball.

Chriz coaching her girls at an After School site

I could tell each girl’s confidence went up because they ran around the bases with big smiles and fierce energy. I will never forget that game because I knew I was making a difference. I love being part of Girls in the Game because I get to see our girls grow; I hope that they can carry on the tradition, and continue the cycle of sports and confidence.

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Chriz Cordero is an After School Coordinator at Girls in the Game