Why I Joined The Women’s March

Last year, I missed the opportunity to attend the Woman’s March, and I regretted that decision. I’ve always told my daughter, “If you want to invoke change, make your voice heard.” So, this year I was determined to make a stand and stop watching from the sidelines. I went to the March to show my disdain for the current administrative policies and build enthusiasm for the upcoming mid-term elections. As my daughter becomes a registered voter this year, I thought what better opportunity to share such a powerful moment together.

So, we hopped on the train, with signs in hand, to lend our voices. The closer we got to the site, the more vibrant and bustling the atmosphere became. The cheering, the speeches, the enthusiasm was beyond words. As we marched, I never felt more empowered and supported as a woman. At the end of the day, sitting on the train, my daughter looked me square in eyes and said, “I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.” Those words will resonate in my heart forever.

Today with so much division and hatred, it was overwhelming to see men and women of different races, classes, ages, etc. come together to support one another. I feel very hopeful for the world which my daughter faces.

Maggie Bean is the Finance Manager at Girls in the Game

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