Why I’m volunteering to teach Slovakian girls how to code.

Throughout my time in the IT industry, I’ve noticed something glaringly obvious — and that’s the distinct lack of females in the field.

I studied Computer Science at University and now work for AOL as a Sales Engineer. I’m lucky in the fact that the company I work for lets employees go off for a few days and volunteer. For me, it’s an opportunity to find something I’m passionate about and do something to make positive changes.

So, I’ve decided to take time out from work to volunteer at my old university in Slovakia and teach girls how to code.

I met with Marian, who is a Software Engineer at AOL, and we have launched a series of workshops where female students can learn about how to start coding at home, where to get guidance and, most importantly, what their career options are.

We’re leading workshops across Slovakia at the end of March as a kind of ‘beta project’.

We are working alongside the Slovak Association Aj Ty v IT, which is cooperating with schools to increase the number of girls in the industry of Information Technology.

Hopefully, our efforts will help to increase girls’ awareness of careers in IT by giving them the skills needed to succeed.

We’re also hoping to get more professionals on board who are able to bring some experience to schools. If you have an area of expertise to offer, please get in touch.