Indonesian Women in Digital Technology — We present you Girls Kode!

A little stories

Girls Kode is a community that intended to be a home for connecting, collaborating, and creating an impact through digital and technology. It’s been rolling out for three months. We produce our stories in different voices so that everyone is accessible to be a part of us. We came in to empower women. Be it programmer, business development, marketing, or in a creative world. We evolve around them to support and help in solving global problems. Because together, we make it better.

The groundwork: Finding identity and discovering the Kode

“I spent a few years studying technology at university. However, what was taught in class is extremely different from what I faced in the field. Particularly, in coding. I should take an additional course that costs millions of rupiah. This is not fair.”

Rina Kusmalasari decided to explore herself in forming a space for facilitating someone who’s experienced in the field to share their stories and secret Kode. It started with a simple purpose: to deepen’s everyone learning experience and preparation before they dive into technology and the digital industry.

While it did by giving people home to speak their voices. Rina’s trying to solve a bigger social gap problem.

“Many young people in other parts of Indonesia have never got access to be in charge of tech and digital. I want everyone to get equal freedom.”

It speaks for not just women, but youth empowerment. No matter what the background, gender, and religion. Girls Kode aims to become a home to grow, connect, and leave alone the vulnerabilities.

Peek the Futures

Our ambition is to give women voices to make decisions and raise them with our platform. This is a safe space where women are encouraged and welcomed to be creative, to express their ideas, to explore a new world, and to be themselves extensively.

The journey ahead serves in a small step of resolution compilations: We connect women in digital technology to share knowledge, experiences, and challenges. We provide the learning community with a positive and supportive atmosphere to rocket up everyone’s skills. We opened up an exclusive discussion between recruiters and candidates in regards to the working readiness and a special opportunity to join the companies. We drive spotlights of collaboration across channels and industries.

Lastly, these are a spot that is working in progress and unfold time by time. These are a community that holding the potential to change the way we see women and the world. And when you grow in with our family, you’re entering interconnected communities and networks.

Now we are here to embrace your voices. Take it to step by step but keep moving forward. In the future, we’ll find ourselves from zero to hero.

Written by Retno Yuniarsih




Connecting & Empowering Women Through Digital & Technology — #girlskode #GirlsKodeStory #KodeTheFuture #SheIsTheKodeHeroes — Join the community?👇

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A place to empowering and connecting women through digital and technology #girlskode

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