Marisha Salsabila : From Fresh Graduate to Data Science

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Mar 1 · 3 min read

Are you a new college student or someone who is looking for a boarding house? Hard to find it? You should try Mamikos! Mamikos? What is it? Mamikos is a boarding house finder application no. 1 in Indonesia that provides a searching service for boarding rooms that is easy and fast, has accurate boarding data too. Talk to data, a few times ago we had a chance to talk with Marisha, Data Scientist at Mamikos. She shared her story from fresh graduate to Data Scientist and some fruitful tips for fresh graduates who wanted to pursue their dreams as Data Scientists.

Hi, Marisha! We heard that you want to be a Data Scientist since you were still a new college student, right? Why? What was the reason behind your decisions?

Yes, that’s right. I graduated from Gadjah Mada University, majoring in computer science, but my programming skills were not that good. So, I decided to do more about Data Science. Also, there were a few people who worked as Data Scientists at that moment while many companies needed them. Well, it can be said that employment is still very wide. That’s why I want to be a Data Scientist.

We are so curious about what a Data Scientist does at Mamikos?

In Mamikos, each Data Scientist has the responsibility to handle and develop one or more products with a back-end developer and product manager. Sometimes we also innovate on a product. Then, every month or two months the Data team will get a project. But before that, we are divided into several groups first, after that each group gets its project related to the company’s product or whatever. Later, the results from this project can be used in other products.

Every job has its challenges, hasn’t it? What were your challenges while being a Data Scientist?

When it comes to challenges, there are many of them. For me, the challenge of being a Data Scientist is when you need to understand the business model, because if you don’t understand the business model, then how can you provide recommendations based on the data that has been analyzed. Then, to understand the meaning of the data itself. Data Scientists are also required to keep learning because technology always has something new and spend more time with data because every time there is a problem, they need data as a reference.

Maybe some of our friends out there want to become Data Scientists, is it a must to major in STEM (Statistics, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)?

No, it is not. Even though you are not majoring in STEM, you can still be a Data Scientist. I have met some friends at Mamikos that have an educational background majoring in mathematics and meteorological engineering. Moreover, now there are many courses, webinars, boot camps on Data Science. I remember my manager once said that a computer science background or STEM was just a bonus for companies to find it easier to find people who could work in the data field. So, no matter what kind of your major, you can still become a Data Scientist.

Last but least, can you give some tips for our friends who want to apply for jobs as Data Scientists?

As fresh graduates, maybe they must add experiences during college, especially those related to Data Science such as experiences as a lecturer assistant, joining competitions, organizations, or communities. I used to be in the technology community and became the head of the data science division. From that community, I got the opportunity several times to teach about data science. Another tip is to improve soft skills and hard skills because in the workplace skill is needed. If you have an excellent GPA, but your skills do not support it, it will be hard to compete with other candidates.

Thank you Marisha for sharing with us!

Check out our FULL interview with Marisha right here and get extra information about Data Science.

Written by Aqida Widya Kusmutiarani

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Girls Kode — All About Tech & Digital

Connecting & Empowering Women Through Digital & Technology — #girlskode #GirlsKodeStory #KodeTheFuture #SheIsTheKodeHeroes — Join the community?👇

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A place to empowering and connecting women through digital and technology #girlskode

Girls Kode — All About Tech & Digital

Connecting & Empowering Women Through Digital & Technology — #girlskode #GirlsKodeStory #KodeTheFuture #SheIsTheKodeHeroes — Join the community?👇

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