Who Honored as Indonesia Forbes 30 Under 30 This Year? These Women!

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Dec 2, 2020 · 5 min read

What if, this you in a few years?

Young people have always had the guts to reinvent the world with strong determination. They are full of ambitions and a burning desire to make an impact. Age isn’t necessarily hampering a person to innovate, contribute, create, and making achievements.

This year Indonesia Forbes 30 Under 30 divide into 7 different industries, namely: Art, Style & Entertainment; Business & Entrepreneur; Politics & Law; Social Entrepreneur & Philanthropy; Sports; Technology; and Venture Capital.

After completed certain selections and research from the submissions list, Forbes has chosen several women who save their seat at Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2020

Art, Style, & Entertainment

Maudy Ayunda | Singer & Songwriter | FORBES Top 25

Perhaps among other nominates, Maudy is the most popular and well known by many people. She wasn’t only a singer, songwriter, or actress but also an inspiration for young people on how she always emphasized social, women & education.

The list of achievements and social concerns has put her in a confusion to choose between Colombia, Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford University. What a delightful confusion!

Business & Entrepreneur

Elisa Suteja | Co-Founder and COO Fore Coffee | FORBES Top 27

Fore Coffee is one of the first players in pioneering the digitalization of Indonesia’s coffee culture. In less than two years, they have grown significantly from one outlet to 122 outlets spread across big cities.

They have 1.5 million apps users and employed more than 800 baristas. This success led them into funding injection from East Venture worth $8.5 million.

Social Entrepreneur & Philanthropy

Faye Simanjuntak | Founder Rumah Faye | FORBES Top 17

Nine years old kids learned sexual abuse and trafficking issues? That’s Faye! She decided to launch Rumah Faye with her mom at 11 years old. An organization based that fighting for child sexual abuse and trafficking.

Rumah Faye actively raises awareness, strategize in freeing the victims and rehabilitate them Rumah Faye. Not only that, they provide job training and help their mentality issues to figure out the bright futures.

Melia Winata | Co-founder and COO, Du’Anyam | FORBES Top 29

The journey starting with the pilot project of eight women at East Flores has turn into over 1,100 women in East Flores and Papua. Respectively, this is because the three high schools’ best friends are Melia, Azalaea, and Hanna.

They found the malnutrition issue among mothers and children in NTT was quite critical. The job options are very limited and seasonal. Women earned less than $2 a day. After conducting research and development for product design and quality standards, they won few competitions as well as initial money to establish the business. The success has able to help in providing a scholarship to 179 children, 500 solar lamps, and more than 4,000 portions of nutritional food.


Chrisanti Indiana | Co-founder & CMO, Sociolla | FORBES Top 28

Who doesn’t know Sociolla? Almost every woman in Indonesia recognizes it. They tapped into the beauty and personal care industry. Even during the pandemic, this industry still remains the highest spending in Indonesia, worth 2.5 billion rupiahs with 80% growth.

By September 2020, their visitors significantly increase from five million users to seven million users per month. Now leading the digital beauty platform in Indonesia. It’s a user-generated content based where users can share their experience and shop the product at the same time.

Larissa Pramudita | Director of Business Development and Marketing, HARA | FORBES Top 29

Perhaps only a few of you knew who HARA is. HARA is a facilitator that aims to assist farmers in solving challenges within the agriculture and food sector by providing a set of data in cultivation, location, market information, and transactional data.

Currently, they work together with 28,400 farmers across 600 villages. In the future, HARA’s goal is to replicate ecosystems like in other countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, and others with local partners.

Venture Capital

Melina Subastian | Vice President of Investment, Alpha JWC Ventures | FORBES Top 27

Ever since Melina joining Alpha JWC Ventures, she has accomplished 15 investments in noble startup-like Kopi Kenangan, capsule hotel Bobobox, and F&B Saas. She had nominated for the “People Leader of The Year Award” by McKinsey Southeast Asia due to her success in leading the firm’s social impact initiatives in Indonesia.

These hot seat at Forbes definitely can’t be achieved in a day. It is a matter of choice not chance. These women have practiced many times. And it requires more time, more focus, more effort, more money, and more energy. It also associates with confidence, dedication, and comprehensive planning.

Now ask the question to ourselves, are we ready to sacrifice this too?

Written by Retno Yuniarsih

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