Dreaming of a different world.

Today, the Trump administration announced it would roll back a program that has provided so many young people an opportunity to live and work in the only country they have called home. Countless individuals, including many of our Girls Who Code girls, are now faced with the devastating reality that their ability to live and work freely in this country may be in question.

My parents came here as refugees seeking shelter in this great country. Everything I have done in my life and career is because of the opportunities I’ve had as an American citizen, and I want the same for the next generation—which is why Girls Who Code is a home for all girls, regardless of their immigration status. To our amazing and dedicated teachers and facilitators, thank you for showing our girls what bravery looks like, inside and outside the classroom.

I want to say without question and unequivocally: Girls Who Code stands with and for all girls, including our undocumented sisters.

Our only requirement for girls who want to join our Clubs or summer programs is that they want to be change agents in their homes, community, and the world and see coding as a vehicle to do that. We don’t ask about their grades or immigration status — economic opportunity, gender, and birthplace shouldn’t be determining factors in whether a person can be a make a change in the world. Some of the biggest ideas and brightest innovations in history have come from unexpected places.

I know that our girls are already concerned about these issues and are doing something about it—like Roxane, Isabel, Caroline, and Clare, who created a website designed to help immigrants find resources. In that same spirit, the Girls Who Code team wants to recognize some of the organizations who are equipped to help in ways that we can’t. Lean on these resources, and share them with your friends, families, and communities.

With love and support,

Reshma & the Girls Who Code team