Girls Who Code learned that beyond being possible, success is inevitable

In a quest to foster a creative environment for future female innovators, Dolby Laboratories hosted a day of engineering exploration.

Girls Who Code and Dolby Volunteers Join together for a team photo.

To take a break from learning how to code during our Summer Immersion Program, a group of girls went to Dolby’s headquarters in San Francisco on July 18 for a day of interactive activities, demonstrations and creative problem-solving. The day of events was kicked off in Dolby’s largest working lab: the Dolby Cinema at 1275.

Dr. Poppy Crum addresses the group on science and innovation at Dolby.

The girls met world-class engineer, Poppy Crum, Dolby’s Chief Scientist. Poppy explained what it is like to be Chief Scientist by talking about her research, her neuroscience background and the labs she works in. Poppy also explained some of the ways our brains sort information to understand music, movies, and media.

After learning about what a day in the life looks like for a Chief Scientist, the girls explored some of Dolby’s 100+ labs and learned about different types of engineering roles at Dolby. They participated in vision and sound experiments and demos including cinema, broadcast and physiology. Following that excitement, the girls discussed what they learned throughout the day with Dolby engineers at a networking reception. They also talked about career paths within the arts/science intersection.

Engineers Dolby Engineers lead demo sessions in different featured labs, such as sensory perception.

Just as Girls Who Code is about so much more than just computer science, Dolby is so much more than just audio, or sight or color. It takes a village of incredible employees, and incredible girls, to create success.

Thanks, Dolby for hosting the Girls Who Code program for the fourth consecutive year!

Students feeling inspired at the end of a heat-sensor activity, ready to take on the world.

This article was written in partnership with Dolby.