#GWCTalks: No Internships, Now What?

Girls Who Code
May 29, 2020 · 3 min read

If you’re stressed about your internships and professional development right now, we don’t blame you. So we hope these highlights from our third#GWCTalks will help you breathe a sigh of relief!

We’ve heard it from so many of you: “my internship has been cancelled, now what?” This week, we hosted Keona Campbell (Recruiter, Talent Acquisition at Xandr) and Chelsea Williams (founder and CEO of College Code) for our latest #GWCTalks to start to answer that very question.

Check out our recap of the *amazing* conversation below, all captured with a handy acronym: A.C.T.

Watch the full session here (truly, watch it — there were so many amazing tips we couldn’t possibly capture them all in one blog post!). And sign up for our next #GWCTalks, “How to Be Brave, Not Perfect… in a Crisis.”

A is for…. Access All the Amazing Resources Already Out There!

First things first, there are so many resources available to students looking for jobs and internships. They range from virtual career fairs to job listings to resume-writing workshops and so much more.

A good place to start: LinkedIn. But don’t stop there! Here’s a shortlist of other resources mentioned during this #GWCTalks session: Coursera, Upward, YourFutureMap, InternHacks, Girls Who Code HireMe, and of course the career services office at your university.

Wondering whether a virtual internship is worth it? It is. Both of our panlists agree. With so many companies thinking about adapting to a future with more remote work — your virtual part-time internship could turn into a virtual full time salaried position! Make sure to maximize the opportunity by networking, demonstrating your value, and communicating your skills.

C is for….. Create Your Own Curriculum!

We loved this idea from panelist Keona! School, jobs, and internships provide us with structure — and days without structure are tough! So think proactively about building your own curricula — down to the hour, even the minute.

Maybe from 9–10am you make some connections on LinkedIn, from 10–11am you do virtual coffees, from 12–3pm you volunteer or pick up a new skill or attend a virtual career fair.

Like our COO Dr. Tarika Barrett says, this is your chance to marry empowerment and structure. And make sure to build time into your day to stretch and move your body! Mental health matters. For more on that, sign up for our next #GWCTalks with our CEO Reshma Saujani.

T is for…. Tell Your Story!

Use this time to refine your professional story — the story you are telling in your cover letter, on your resume, on LinkedIn. Thanks to Chelsea for this tip! After all, it won’t be long before recruiters start hiring again. In fact, some are hiring now. Others are already planning for next year. You want to be ready.

And, by the way, your network is a part of your story too. Your LinkedIn connections are a 21st century rolodex (we know, ancient reference right?). Spend time building your network. But also go back and remind yourself of connections from your past. An old classmate or professor could be the connection that lands you your next internship or even full time job!

Huge thanks to Keona Campbell (Recruiter, Talent Acquisition at Xandr) and Chelsea Williams (founder and CEO of College Code)! And of course, thanks to GWC Chief Operating Officer Dr. Tarika Barrett for moderating!

To sign up for our next #GWCTalks, “How to Be Brave, Not Perfect… in a Crisis,” click here.

#GWCTalks is a free four-part virtual event series for our alumni and our community, to come together to address uncertainties around college, internships, and careers in tech during the COVID-19 pandemic. To view prior sessions, see links below:

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