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4 min readJun 15, 2020


A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. When Lao Tzu quoted this, he meant to instill inspiration in the hearts of people and we, the members of Girlscript Foundation took this quote to our hearts and decided to go on a journey. A journey to ignite the ingenious minds of the youth and a journey to exalt the underprivileged minds with the help of technology.

As the COVID19 pandemic tightens its grip on the world, everything had to come down to a halt to protect the lives of those who matter. But even when everything was at standstill, we decided not to stop as this pandemic was still yards short of our determination.

As online education was the “go-to” word this pandemic, hence we decided to take the “e-learning” route and start our “Education Outreach Program”, a global initiative which aims at teaching students, via Zoom, Webex etc.

Our “Educational Outreach” is a scholarship program to make education reach everyone. So far, we had conducted 3 batches under this program and we are pleased to announce that our batches so far have received wonderful feedback from our audience.

The 1st batch of our program was a custom course for teachers, students from non-premier colleges/schools. Our students learned about technologies like Flutter, Data Science, etc whereas our teachers learned how to adapt to modern teaching methods using online methods like zoom, webex, google meet, hangouts, etc. Our first batch received tremendous feedback as we trained over 1,000 teachers and students.

Our 2nd batch was for teachers and tech enthusiasts from all around the world. As per the demands of teachers, we extended our program on “online teaching methods” for 2nd batch also. For students, we offered courses like Game Development, Computer Vision, Android Development, etc. This batch was also jam-packed and our sessions were attended by a total of 5,000 participants.

Our 3rd batch was a special batch as we have industry analysts giving seminars to 1000+ participants. Naming a few, we had WOW! Momo’s
Senior social media marketing strategist, Niam Alam giving sessions on “SHAPING THE NEXT-GEN INFLUENCERS WITH HACKTHEORY”. Then we had Yoheswaran Gnanavel, Marketing, and Partnership lead from “Canva India” giving a session on “INTRODUCTION TO DESIGNING USING CANVA”. Our third session was given by our Girlscript Founder/Director Anubha Maneshwar, who taught our participants skills like Communication, Profile building, and Entrepreneurship.

We at Girlscript Bangalore took advantage of this opportunity and along with the NavGurukul organization, decided to launch a special segment to teach those who couldn’t afford an education at their own expense.

The Educational Outreach special segment was a two-week plan which had three simple but significant courses. The syllabus included JavaScript, Python, Git and Github. The online session turned out to be extremely informative, interesting, and nifty for all the students enrolled.

Education Outreach Special Segment

Students from Navgurukul centers attended this special online session for two hours every day for each subject. Two Navgurukul centers, Dharamshala and Bangalore (boys’ and girls’) took part in this program. There were approximately 50, 35, and 30 students for Git, Python, and JavaScript respectively.

Our mentors, Anil Sharma, Yashaswi Sinha, Akash Nagaraj, Priya Nayak, Krutika Bapat, Yati Padia worked day and night and prepared content equivalent to an enormous amount of 72 hours. Apart from the wonderful mentors, we also had members from Girlscript Bangalore precede over the online “Zoom” sessions to ensure that everything went smoothly.

The students were immensely pleased and gained important knowledge in the mentioned topics. Further, they recorded us a video to thank us for our efforts and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful audience for the same.

Although, the session was for two weeks but are confident that we lighted minds which will remain ignited for ages to come. Further, we would also like to thank NavGurukul for collaborating with us and we look forward to organizing more such informative and educational sessions for the upliftment and technical grooming of the students.

Girlscript Bangalore is determined to spread knowledge to everyone and we’ll keep trying to bring such programs in the future as well. To keep updated about our future programs, follow us across all our social medial handles.